July 22nd, 2017

If you’re a reader like me… Well coming back too. I strongly suggest a book called The Road Less Traveled. Strongly. Not only does it follow suit to the field in which my career has just taken a turn for… Its just amazing. Very well written!  One of the greatest truths ever is this… Life … More July 22nd, 2017

July 21st, 2017

So here we are… My first week in LA. In the books, and here’s what I know so far:  1. People in LA feel entitled. Almost as if everyone owes them the world.. They do NOT use the word excuse me. Nor is Thank you something they use often either.  2. Me and my manners … More July 21st, 2017

July 9th, 2017

Annnnnnd the countdown continues and gets closer…. Here we are, only 4 more days til I leave Medford, OR… Some people will say that I am leaving to avoid things, or a comfort zone, but the funny thing to me is those people don’t know me at all… Im not moving to get out of … More July 9th, 2017

July 8th, 2017

Have you ever known something?! But you can’t say how you know. You just do?! Well that’s me right now. And boy o boy do I want to speak on things. But I’ll keep quiet for now… They say you can’t buy happiness but I can buy wine and dammit that’s close enough right now!!! … More July 8th, 2017

July 7th, 2017

What’s done in the dark…  WILL come to the light…  Lies eventually crumble giving way to the truth…  And on that day… I hope you believe in some higher power.. Cuz the pain that will come from those buried truths…  Buddha said it best. Three things cannot remain hidden: the sun. The moon. And the … More July 7th, 2017

July 6th, 2017

I tell you what, today feels like the longest day ever, Ok ok that might be an exaggeration and I MIGHT say that every time, but hey some days feel long. lol. I think what I am going to do when I move is take the 30 days I don’t have my son and just … More July 6th, 2017

July 5th, 2017

Here we are 5 days into the seventh month of the year, and I don’t really feel any different.  I mean I’m not quite sure what I was expecting to feel or anything of that nature, but I guess what I mean is that nothing has really changed and yet I still feel the same. … More July 5th, 2017

June 27th, 2017

…………………. lets see where do we start with today…. we could start with the awful morning I had that started my day at work, we could start with the middle that was cool and full of endless texts from my ex, orrrrrr we could start with the picture I received from my ex’s very insane … More June 27th, 2017

June 26th, 2017

Well we are one more day closer to the “big day” ahhhhh!!! Have any of you guys had a big move before? One that terrified you but excited you at the same time? Because that is what this one is! I honestly cannot wait to move, but at the same time I am terrified. It … More June 26th, 2017

June 25th, 2017

How bout that sun huh?! Lol mannnn I have blisters from how burnt I am!!! Its horrible! I should know better really. I just recently celebrated my 2 years of being cancer free this past April. I should really know better!!! But hey I forgot it. Shit happens. But now I am paying the price … More June 25th, 2017