July 21st, 2017

So here we are… My first week in LA. In the books, and here’s what I know so far: 

  • 1. People in LA feel entitled. Almost as if everyone owes them the world.. They do NOT use the word excuse me. Nor is Thank you something they use often either. 
  • 2. Me and my manners don’t quite fit in, and I definitely don’t have the “lingo” down. 
  • 3. Being here stirs up ill feelings but I’m hoping with the number change and deactivation of my social media that, that changes. 
  • 4. I miss my son more than anything. And wish he was with me. But I will spend this time struggling and problem solving and fine tuning the kinks so that when he comes. He is happy and ready for a successful 7th grade year. 

So there we go… Here’s what you’ve missed so far… I drove the nearly 13 hours to Vegas last week and got to spend a very brief time with my sister and nephew and family. It was all too short. I didn’t get to see my wife. But I did get to have coffee and breakfast with my other dear friend Morgan. 

Upon getting to LA. I met with the doctor on a Monday and started my job on a Wednesday, became official as fuck when he asked for a professional photo and mini blurb about myself to be featured on the website as the Office Manager/Admin Assistant/CMA. Super excited to make things even more official I got an office with a view and my own parking space…. Sigh. Life is good in that aspect… And to top it off my doc is a really nice man and I only work half days Fridays which makes my job 100% better…. 
I took this first week posting unnecessary pics and just wasting time but this week is new and I plan on crushing it. I am going to focus on me.. Snapchat has been logged out and removed from phone..  I have logged out of IG and removed from phone..  And we’ll I haven’t had a Facebook so here I am ready…  It’s about me. And only me… I need to be the best version of me so I can assure mine and my sons future. There is no mommy and daddy money. There is no settlement or magic genie. It’s me… This is it.  

I am changing my number also as I previously mentioned ill feelings asrise when I find much to my humor I am not as irrelevant as one would have hoped to protray me as. But alas I am still being watched but I’m “not that important” the truth is. I see it. I see you. I see the fake profiles. And it’s really ridiculous. But I guess its that important..  You’re supposed to be ridiculously happy. Why bother with me?! That is a question I will never have an answer too. But I don’t need one. I can’t say this enough BUT. What’s done in the dark WILL come to light… every lie. and Fake thing will come out. And I’m not gonna be the one in the wrong. This is for everyone. Please don’t ever think you can lie and manipulate and con and fake your way thru life. Most of us are perceptive as hell and pay attention to the inconsistencies. And for the rest that we don’t see it alwaYs comes out… So here’s my advice. Tell the truth before it has a chance to read it’s ugly head… Cuz it definitely ain’t pretty…. 

Welp. Thats that LA… 

Day 1 tomorrow…. Lets see how this goes.. 

From the bed of an LA woman… ✌💗😍


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