June 27th, 2017


lets see where do we start with today…. we could start with the awful morning I had that started my day at work, we could start with the middle that was cool and full of endless texts from my ex, orrrrrr we could start with the picture I received from my ex’s very insane baby moms of him eating her ass…. yea.. I think we’ll start there….

My ex of whom will NOT leave me alone, but paints me out to be the “clinger” the one who just “wont let go” even though I have pages upon pages upon pages of screenshots that would prove differently, I did the very stupid thing of replying to him in the form of a voicemail, which then of course triggered crazy to message me, which therefore caused me to message back and the end result was her, being sooooo childish and set on “proving” a point I got a lovely picture, of her naked, which I never want to see a day in my life ever again, and him. NICEEEEEE right????? I also got told I wasn’t as important as I thought I was that she only looked with one profile, little does she know, I purposely stated that I “saw her looking” to which she made a new profile, and when I blocked that one, the one I knew was her popped back up again, and then I blocked that one, and another fake one popped up. Bottom line she says Im not that important, and I shouldn’t flatter myself, but bottom line, she was worried enough about it, that she had to pull out the “big guns” cuz I got under her skin. Im not important but I bet you read this blog Carina. Yep… Ima name you since you think everything is about you anyways. Here you go! You have your VERY OWN BLOG POST!!!! Yayyyy aren’t you so “flattered” Please believe Im not worried about you, at least I could admit that I looked at your shit after you stalked mine. You say Im not that important and that I aint shit, but clearly someone thinks I am otherwise your man would stay in YOUR lane with you. But he never does…. hmmm… wonder why that is?!?!?! Lemme guess its my fault right? If I showed you the message and the things he said about you, your feelings would be as hurt as mine. But then you would brush it to the side and say it doesnt matter. right? Its all a game to you, and you love the drama, I will tell you one thing though… dont threaten me, and say don’t let me catch you in LA… I promise that will be a day you won’t forget… so dont test me.. Ive been nice and a “push over” but it wont last for long. So how bout this… GROW THE FUCK UP…. IF YOU ARE SO HAPPY STOP WORRYING ABOUT ME, DONT CHECK HIS PHONE RECORDS, HIS IG, HIS TEXTS, HIS VOICEMAIL, HIS FACEBOOK, OR SNAPCHAT!!!! Happy girls don’t do that, happy couples dont have that problem. but hey what do I know right? Im just an uphappy bitter ugly hag.. I believe those were just a FEW of the choice words you used. I just find it so funny how its still my fault. Ill always accept and take blame when its my fault, but this… nope.. this is you guys.. you two are toxic, and you don’t even care. But lets blame me!!! ITS ALL MY FAULT!!!! Its my fault that he was so unhappy he wandered, it was my fault that he repeatedly and continually pursued me while lying to you and me both.. ITS ALL MY FAULT THAT YOU BOTH ARE NARCISSISTS. Both of you. Im an asshole, and I can be vindictive, but for once, I tried to take another route, and this time I wish I would have sent you all the pictures and videos, and I wish I would have saved EVERY text so you could see the shit that kept me around, I wish you two would hurt as bad as you two have hurt me. And that is the bottom line, you two live your life over there you thinking its perfect him lying to both, and its only MY feelings that are hurt. And you dont give a fuck cuz in your head its all justified. And he dont give a fuck cuz he has his cake and gets to eat it too… quite literally from both parties actually. You prayed for a downfall and it happened, and you can say you never did all you want, but I dont believe you, you both lie. Thats what you are liars. It works for you two, but not me. Im not that person, I am a lot of things in this world, but intentionally rude or disrespectful isnt one of them. No matter how you want to paint me.. Some people have to pretend that you are bad person so it can excuse their behavior. And that is exactly what you and him do.

Yes I wrote about you, yes you can cry, whine, pout, IG post it, fuck screenshot it for all I care. But neither one of you are good people. At all. Hurt people hurt people, but you go above and beyond.Congrats. Before I was just gonna let it go cuz I love me more than I love him. But now you got what you want I hate him, you brought me low enough to hate you both…. Hope you’re happy. Please tell me how great you feel knowing that? Ohhh wait.. YOu dont care, cuz you have no “patients” with me anymore… FYI.. Patients are what I see all day everyday,….. Patience is what you run out of… its also a virtue… clearly one you don’t have…Lets see it though, lets see the post about how much you’ve “Changed” lets see it… how you “changed your destructive behavior” how you’re so happy now.. inner peace!!! But yet you let my comment of him thinking I was something, bring you out your character… yea… you’ve changed. I believe you are exactly what you are to me, the mask just came off… Dont worry I wont regret this in the morning… Or 2 weeks from now when I live in LA, and you’re “waiting for me to slip” since you know thats what Im going to do. Not at all!!

Well folks, if you’re wondering how my day was… thats it.. I asked for guidance, and patience, and was given a test, a test in which I failed miserably. I let someone bring me low enough to hate, one day.. I’ll forgive them not for them, because they are not good people, but for myself. Because I wont be able to hold onto it no more. #hashtag this love!

Have a great night y;all clearly, I didnt follow my own advice of being a good person today. SOooooo Ill try again tomorrow.



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