June 26th, 2017

Well we are one more day closer to the “big day” ahhhhh!!! Have any of you guys had a big move before? One that terrified you but excited you at the same time? Because that is what this one is! I honestly cannot wait to move, but at the same time I am terrified. It is a big change, I have job security here, and friends, and it “feels safe” but I think that is what my problem is, I am living in a comfort zone, and this is fixin to be wayyy out of that zone! But I am excited and can’t wait to see what happens. FYI this burn is still at an optimum level of crucialness and hurts like the dickens. lol If I could sleep entirely thru the night without being woken up from it than I would be good!!!

Anywhoooo…. sooo I am becoming a bit conflicted, I got the job at the VA which lets face it is PHENOMENAL!! But at the same token I have this offer to run this Psychiatrists office. It is him and he just hired to therapists, I would be the one who did the intake, the vitals, answered the phones, did the faxes, did the billing, and basically just ran his office, so he could focus on the People aspect of it. I had switched my major from Nursing to Business management, because I felt that if I was in a management position than maybe I would have more of a say in what happened to people and their care, it was something I was passionate about and still am. I want it to be about people again, insurance or lack there of shouldn’t determine if you are able to receive phenomenal treatment, and that is what I wanted to do, was to have a voice, and then eventually run my own company. But that is down the road some ways! Either way I am thinking that, that is more along the lines of what I am looking to do in the long run. I mean lets be real, I can go in tomorrow and get a medical assisting job, with no problem at all. I wont always have this opportunity. So I am definitely contemplated all of the pros and cons.

Welllll….. this lil lady is sleepy! Its been a long day! Ohhh one more thing, if you have HBO Go, I STRONGLY urge you to go and watch “The Birth of a Nation” mannn educate yourself. It will open your eyes…. stay woke y’all..

Good night!! Remember if you can’t find a good person, BE a good person!! ❤


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