June 25th, 2017

How bout that sun huh?! Lol mannnn I have blisters from how burnt I am!!! Its horrible! I should know better really. I just recently celebrated my 2 years of being cancer free this past April. I should really know better!!! But hey I forgot it. Shit happens. But now I am paying the price severly. Believe me. This ish is brutal… 

Man. My finals were due today! Fun stuff huh? Considering I procrastinated and didn’t do them until the day they were due! Ha. Id day I’m winning!! Lol it doesn’t make sense to me. The last day of this semester is NEXT Sunday. Why is my final due today?! We’ll add it to my list of things I don’t understand! But hey its done. And over with!!! But to add fuel to the fire. My next semester will have  started the week before I move. Sooooo that should be equally hectic and frustrating to move and make sure all of my homework is done on time!!! ;/ But its ok I’m not gonna look at the downside. Ima focus on the positive side! And that’s this. Ima move.. Ima have a job.. Ima be healthy.. I have a 3.6 GPA and I’ll be fine! It’s only temporary.. 

It’s really weird to lay here in bed right now and it be still light outside. But I’m going to bed. Hahaha this weekend was a weekend of cheats! I drank more this weekend than I have in 3 months. And I am DEFINITELY feeling it. Soooo tomorrow is back to the grind. Gotta make this happn cappn! 💪💪 only 2 weeks left and life style change is ensueing as well as a culture shock. Well it won’t really shock me. Its normal from what was in Vegas. But from here in good ol Medford Oregon. Not So much!!!! 

I want a new tattoo…. Its bad. I’m craving new ink!!! Its been almost a year since I got new ink. I need it!!! Some ink therapy makes everything better. … My back piece tho… I need to get my back on point and then I’ll be able to get that covered..   I can’t wait. Oh and my other pieces… I’ll never get my chest tatted or neck in front cuz I think it looks like white trash but hey its my opinion. Doesn’t mean it’s right or not. I just don’t like it. It isn’t cute to me. Personal opinion. Not law. 

Anywho… It’s time to close my eyes and get some sleep. Soooo goodnight. And remember if you can’t find a good person. Be a good person.. 💞💞


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