June 24th, 2017

Man o man…. 

I am BUUUURRRNNNTTT!!!! Lawd have mercy!! The river today was BRUTAL!!! But I guess I better get used to it. Cuz once I move to LA!! Ima have the 🌞 on me tough!!! Lol 

This weekend has been a cheat weekend lmao!!! As my friends, friend came into town. We have celebrated my friends graduation. We have celebrated a reuniting. We have just celebrated period. 1800 is NOT my friend!!! Lmfao!! I’ll stick to my wine. At my age drinking thAt stuff just ISNT appealing anymore. it’s fun once in a while. But all the time you need to have some cooth… Basically I can’t handle it all the time. Hahahha!!! 

So I spoke briefly about blocking so many profiles and not really understanding why… And then another one popped up. I contemplated leaving it. Because apparently it was THAT important to see my shit that there are now 7 profiles that are blocked. Its just insane to me. So I was gonna leave it. But then I thought. Man. The way this shit is going. Once I move if I post I’m some place is this girl crazy enough to show up where I tag myself? I mean that harrassment. Its not a simple being nosy anymore. Its harrassment and I ain’t playing this game no more…. Like for real. It’s crazy. You look insane. You’re “happy” you’re “in love” stay off my shit. I’m no one remember. I’m nothing. Life is great. So leave me alone. You look crazy when the first 7 profiles in my IG blocked list is you… You should feel embarassed instead of feeling it’s justified. Like for real… I ain’t doing nothing to you. So stop. Harrassment isn’t really a good look. For real. .. And I’m done being nice. I thought shit was solved I’m tired of it.  

Anywho. Moving on. Man. Sleeping tonight is gonna suck hahaha. Cuz my body is sore and red and OW!!! My human relations class is over as of tomorrow and then my other classes start. I will be in LA 2 weeks from tomorrow. And shit is coming together. I’m still losing weight. And I’m on my shit!!! This weight is bout to drop and the way my body is going. Ima just be thick. But a for real thick lol. A healthy thick. Oh and my blood work and shit came back. Apparently I’m just crazy!!! Hahhas I’m good for now. 

Well the wine and the extra sun are kicking in. So ima go to bed. I’m sleepy!! 😘😍💞🍷


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