June 20th, 2017

Lemme tell you what is crazy… Mmmk You ready??? When you have to block SIX profiles because the same person has 4 and then makes 2 fake ones…. WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 

Seriously. I mean here I am thinkin shit is kosher. And I go to do a live story on my IG and as you know you can look and see who looks at your story and I see a familiar name pop up. I knew my ex was linked to the account because I had already peeped it wayyyy back when we first started dating. So I ask him… Is it THAT seRIOUS that you look at my shit from that account. He says not me. So I’m like WOW!!! Why?! What the hell… I missed the memo that said it was that important. Mind you at this point I’ve already blocked 3 accounts of hers. And 2 of his. With that one it became 4. And then it became. 5. And now 6!!!!! 6 accounts blocked. Wtf?!?!?!?! 

Ok let’s break this down. Did I look at her stuff yes. Did I  stalk her. No. Did I bully her. No. Did I put her down to her baby’s father. Yes. But it is not the extent to which I was being portrayed. Now. Here is the OTHER side… I have blocked 6 accounts…. 6…. My blog is read daily…. I know becAuse posts are made about it. Because it’s brought to my attention… I am STILL being bad moutheD TO a certain person.. And in all of this all I really want to know is this… 

if you are as happy as you claim to be and told me, why am I so important? Why read the blog daily. Why check my story. Why check my IG? Why block me. And make sure he can’t call or text or vice versa? Why? If life is as great as you portray….. why me? Why continue to harass me? Why continue to put me in a spot light? cuz I can tell you I can go 24 hours without looking at your stuff. Hell I can go weeks without it. And I don’t have a fake profile. I just use a friends if Im gonna be that nosy…. Why the extra? 

I have been doing a good job of not looking. Not bugging. Not nothing. And it seems almost as if I’m not the one who can’t let it go…. I’m not the one with the problem… You can scream I’ve changed all you want. But actions make or break a situation… I JUST DONT GET IT!!!!! Wth did I do?!?! Lately. Let me add that. Lately. Before ok. I would make low blows just like her. But now. Now im not. Now I’m tryna focus on my future and how I can make it the best. I’m allowed to be hurt. And I’m allowed to have my feelings hurt by him and her. And I’m allowed to post when I’m in my feelings. I’m not going to pretend like I’m made of stone and have no feelings. Whether real or fake. It was MY real feelings that got hurt and continued too. It was MY real reputation being tarnished to anyone who would listen. It was MY real heart being broken. NO ONE can tell me I can’t feel that. Or those emotions. And being sad. Or mad. Or hurt. Or posting about it doesn’t make me a bad person. It makes me human. I don’t have to worry about what I post on MY page or MY blog because someone wants to read It every day and think EVERY post is about them. no. it’s not!!! I have a life outside of the damage YOU TWO caused… I have problems. I have issues. I have things. You should know. You read all of them And tried to turn them against me when you were pissed. Telling me I deserved everything and how fucked in the head I was. Remember? So it’s not just you and him. Man. I just don’t get it. It’s not a competition. You won…you have him. You have his heart. Why are you still worried bout me…. 

Can anyone answer me that? Cuz I’m lost…. 6 profiles guys. 6…. Thats 5 too many… And this is not something I caused… I’m not playing victim. To anything. I didn’t create this. And I was pretty sure we talked it out. But I guess I was wrong… 

Well it’s bed time now. I got a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Good night. If you can’t find a good person. Be a good person.  💚


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