June 195th, 2017

Have you ever just known something…. Like you can feel it in your gut? Like without a shadow of a doubt you KNOW….. Well that’s the feeling I’m getting right now about my body and I should prolly go to the doctor…. I can’t really elaborate. As most will think I’m crazy. But I just know something is off. 

Today was cool.. Got my workout in, in the morning. Back to 5am wake up calls. Ordered my books for the upcoming semester. Worked in Peds today. And then braided some hair. All in all a pretty fair day… I didn’t have to poke too many kiddos at work. I didn’t have to fight with the 4 year old on where to keep him head. My son did things the first time I told him too instead of me constantly repeating myself. Therefore…. The world must be spinning on a shifted axis… Haha 

I tell you what. I need a personal massuse. Just want someone to follow me around and play with my hair. Rub my shoulders. And rub my booty. Lol I’ve said it before. Booty rubs are life. They make me happy!!! But these workouts have my body so sore!! I feel like an old lady who had been beaten and battered. Hahahhaa.

Well we are one more day closer to the big move and I am not even the slightest bit near being ready for it. Packing wise. Hhahaha. I’m the worst. I’ll end up just throwing a everything in my car. Putting my tv on top and rolling out. I really am the worst. 🙂 procrastination at its finest. 

So I don’t have much to say today… Its been pretty uneventful. So it’s off too bed for me!!! 


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