June 18th, 2017

Welll first off lemme start this out by saying Happy Fathers Day to all the real ones out there! The ones who always handle business, the ones who always make time to play with their kiddo even when they are tired, the ones who give the best give ever, TIME! You deserve the world today!

Today has been AMAZING!!!! I mean it, it has been great! Started my morning off in the gym with some arm and back work, Im quite sure that come tomorrow Im not gonna wanna wash my hair cuz it’s gonna hurt to hold my arms up!! hahahahaha And then I came home, ate some lunch, let my food digest, and I did Insanity Max 30 with my fam bam! My friend and son, we got it! Mannnn it was one of the harder ones, but we pushed thru, and please believe I am sore from doing 2 workouts today! But I only have a few more weeks before LA and I gotta get these gains! hahaha Someone at work was like wow, Katie, You’ve lost so much weight, dyed your hair, and got your teeth fixed what are you trying to do .. I said Take over the world.. Ima start in LA! She said so you’re going to LA with great teeth, great hair, skinny and an attitude thats gonna melt hearts. I said yep.. thats my goal.  Im on my way, just you wait and see! Ima conquer the world one day, and Ima do it by myself. Well with my other fellow queens, the ones who get up daily and slay. Get ready, go to work and work an 8/10/or 12 hour shift, come home and handle their business. Do their school work and just kill shit. I have so much respect for a woman who can do it on her own, the ones who don’t need a man to define them. The ones who don’t want praise for being a woman and a mother and HANDLING their business. What is that phrase… Im not going to praise a fish for swimming.

As I just finished my homework, and I am enjoying my wine, and this soothing music, I cant help but to sit back and think of how lovely life is when you let shit go… Its really just a relief, lemme tell you! 🙂

I am quite sure that tonight, I will sleep really well, as those workouts KILLED me!!! lol But I gotta get these gains before I move! After researching I started taking my supplements, and I am super excited to see the results, as they are focused on helping to attain lean muscle… And I can’t wait. My legs always cut up really easily, but my arms, back and stomach not so much!!! Have I said my goal before? I don’t remember if I have, so here we go! My goal is to be under 200lbs, I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am that I am only 10lbs away from my goal! Well my first one! After I hit my goal, I am going to make anew one and smash it… I am pretty sure that joining a gym will be one of the first things I do when I move! hahaha I am also looking forward to doing more Yoga. Last time I was in LA, in April I went to this yoga studio in Santa Monica that was by donation only, and I did it, and I fell in love with it, plus the woman who taught it made it to where I wanted to know more!

I am on such a pathway to my inner peace, that I am willing to try it all! I am no longer going to let people, situations, or circumstances alter my mood or thought process!!!! On the pursuit of happiness!!! Whooooot whooooooot!! Lol. Is it bad that it is 8:53pm and I am ready for bed? Like seriously!!! hahahah I need to stretch though, that workout today was intense, and tomorrow is LEGS!!!!! I cannot even begin to describe my love of leg day!! And only because my legs cut up like no other!

Well I  have to start planning how Ima pack my car up like a tetris cube! And that has to start this week!!! Crazy how time flies! I cannot wait to start my new life in LA! And it is going to be completely without any drama!!!! :)))

Again Happy Fathers Day to the real ones!! I hope you enjoyed your day! It is truly your day, I got told Happy Fathers Day today, and I had to explain to someone that its not about me, its not “SINGLE MOTHERS DAY” Its Fathers Day, I don’t want to take away from any man.

Good night! If you cant find a good person, be a good person! Peace in the Middle East, love and hair grease!!! ❤


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