June 3rd, 2017

So here it is, the day after the biggest news ever and how do I feel you ask? Well I feel great! Ha, a little sore from the gym, but great. A little bit more nervous than I was yesterday as well, which is what I will feel probably until the day I move, but its ok. That is a normal feeling. I think?!?! lol Today was a great day! Went to see Wonder Woman, did lunch with some pretty amazing women, went to a birthday party, took my kiddo and nephew to see Captain Underpants, went to the gym, came home, took a shower.  And now I am so silky smooth from my after shower regimen, that Im petting my own leg! hahaha And tomorrow is gonna start off great and with my favorite thing! PEDICURE AND NAILS DONE!!! Eeeeeeee I swear if I could only have one guilty pleasure in life, that I wont give up, its my pedicures. I am that in love with my feet!!!

I mean I was obsessed with them before I got tattoos on them. I mean at any given time my finger nails would have chipped nail polish, 2-3 different colors on them and just look a hot mess, but you ask to see my toes.. and I do mean at any time, dead of winter, and they would always be done! Thats how much I love my feet! And then I went and endured much pain to get them tatted so that way they could be even cuter!! I know, I know, you are wondering what they look like now! Just know they are cute! Not super long and awkward, but not short and fat like little piggies. Just perfect!! hahahaha

I know you prolly think I have some weird foot fetish now, I assure you, I most definitely do NOT!!! lol 🙂 As I lay here and am supposed to be finishing my homework! lol All I want to do is drink wine, and ponder the universe with someone who wouldnt mind playing with my hair. Maybe a booty rub in there as well! I mean lets face it booty rubs are life! lol If you are a girl at least, or maybe even if you are a man, you might appreciate a good booty rub here and there who knows!

I was once asked, If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, what would I do with my time. My response was I would spend it with my son. Then I was asked well would you tell him you were going to die, my initial response was going to be yes, but then I thought about it. If you were going to die, and you knew it, and you were spending your last 24 hours with the person you love, if you tell them you are going to die, it is going to take away from the moments that you are spending. But then if you just spent 24 hours with them and didnt tell them you were going to die, it is going to come as a complete shock to them and they may hate you for not telling them. But I decided I would not tell my son that I was dying, I would just spend it with him, doing all the things I always told him “we’ll do it someday” too. I would write him letters for his graduation, and his wedding day. I would try to leave him words of wisdom, things to remember, random ones, and hope he remembered his manners at all times. Out of everything in this shitty shitty world, he is my greatest accomplishment. He is kind, good, pure, smart, sarcastic, funny, witty, sensitive, and he is the very best parts of me.

I grew up in a make believe world, and I say this because the world I grew up in didnt know the hate that this world knows. Or maybe I was just so immune to it, I dont know but growing up thinking “unicorns, rainbows, sunshine, and happiness” and being thrown into the world where it is anything but. Hate, Misery, Jealousy, Greed, Murder, and that can be all because you part your hair on the wrong side of your head. This world is self-destructing and fast. We as a people are supposed to come together and uplift, encourage and embrace each others differences. Instead we hate our neighbor because he is different. Who made us the judge? Who decided that it was up to us to decide who was worthy of love and who was not? Who said ok, now you guys decide between what is right and wrong. Good and evil. Because if you think about it, the scales of good and evil came about from a man, a system that was designed to put ideas into your head and call them tradition. A system that didnt want people to ban together, because as one we would be unstoppable, and fierce but separate chaos. What is that phrase, united we stand, divided we fall? Yea that seems about right.. Funny how that happens though..

Who made up this system? Again I want you to think about this, WHO ARE YOU?!?! WHAT MAKES YOU SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE ANOTHER PERSONS FATE?!? Think about that when you go to judge someone you know nothing about, who the hell are you to judge that person when you know nothing about them And are you trying to play God?


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