May 27th, 2017

Man… This season of geminis is a bitch…. Don’t get me wrong my mama is a Gemini but can’t trust em as far as you can throw em one minute they’re cool next they snap. Too much neck spinning for me… I’ll just sit here and patiently wait for Leo Season..  ğŸ˜ğŸ˜ğŸ˜  While I am currently single as a pringle. And getting my ish stalked on a regular. I’ve decided I will never again date a Taurus or a fucking Scorpio … Scorpios are a definite weakness I always know if someone is a Scorpio based on how I’m attracted to them… But no more. Scorpios ain’t shit… And yes I mean it. Can’t mix fire with fire and expect a good result. Ima Leo. Ima queen. A lioness. My personality is very strong. I don’t do well with people who feel as if they are always right…. Doesn’t work for me… I was once asked why I was single. I said cuz my mouth is reckless he thought it was a joke until I want the fuck off on him…. Cuz once I’m there I don’t care. I’m out for blood and I ain’t stopping til your feelings are hurt. And I’ve come a long way and grown a lot as I used to be hella vindictive…. But I’ve stopped but some people like to test me to see if I’m for real…. I am on the verge of making someone hate me… And then I ain’t gotta worry about a text or phone call… Cuz you’ll hate the sound of my name… And then I’ll be straight…. 

Anywho today was great. Went to the gym. Had a great workout. And then we went on a road trip. We picked a direction from out of a frying pan and just started driving. It was definitely an adventure and fun. Lots of laughs and pictures. Good times.. 😍😍

Well it’s time for my wine. So I’m gonna go drink it And go to bed.. 🙂 


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