May 26th, 2017

welp… today was… well it was Friday.. soo Im glad about that, its a 3 day weekend, I’m even more glad about that. And my sister told me how much my nephew misses me! He told my sister the other night, I love my TT, and I love her voice… lol he makes my heart melt.  I swear I love kids outlooks on things, they are just so innocent. It makes me happy. I almost, ALMOST want another one. hahahaha but I don’t want another baby daddy. Soooo I wont be having one, cuz Im not gonna be having a baby when my son is ready to go off to college. Just can’t do that. lol

Today I got to sit with my friend while she got her tattoo done, I would like to say I was there for moral support, but considering it was in one of the most tender spots ever, Im quite sure all she wanted at that moment was for me to shut the hell up… ha. But I felt kind of like a kid in a store, I kept getting too close to the tattoo artist that he would ask me to step behind a line hahaha just like a damn kid. It was interesting not my fault. personally I have ZERO artistic ability. And then second, I just wanted to see what he was doing. lol

I just want you all to know that it is 10:11pm on a Friday night and I have been fighting to stay away since about ohhhhh 8pm. lol I swear days keep on passing me by, but I keep feeling like something is just off, like I feel myself on the brink of something great! Annnnnd I just don’t know what it is yet. But it is coming, I know that much. I am not going to lie, I am super stoked to be going home to Vegas for a few days to visit. Even though it is kind of at an inopportune time, I am still super excited and ready to do this. It will be nice to see my niece, and nephews and my friends. The bittersweet part of that is I have to put my son on a plane. And that to me is depressing, buuuut he’s gonna have such a good time, Im not even worried about that!

Well I think I have definitely filled my quota of time spent awake, which means I can go to bed now and be just fine! hahahaha

Til tomorrow. Peace in the middle east, fish, love and hair grease. ❤


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