May 24th, 2017

Mannnnnnnnnn y’all!!! These allergies… Are legit. The WORST thing everrrrrrr…. Ugh. Like I can’t breathe… And my eyeballs are itching like crazy. And my nose. I have been sick now for 3 weeks. It’s like it just clings to me and stays in my lungs!!! Anywhooooo….. 

Sooooooo it’s official…. My son is gonna be gone for the summer. 😣😣😣 his dad got the ticket today! He’s excited. Even though he’s sick. I had to pick him up from school on Tuesday and he’s been home since. Now it’s the stomach virus on top of viral stuff. He just got it real good… Its like the plague… I wanna hold him cuz he just wants to cuddle with me but at the same time. Mannnnnnnn he can keep all that ish… Put him in quarantine! 😷😷😷

So the thoughts still continue about the move….. I wont lie tho…. My heart is set on LA, but we’ll see…. What isnt to love tho? Seriously…. I mean seriously…. The beach. The sun. The eclitic diversity. The people. The art. The fitness junkies. The dogs. The traffic. HHaha. The smog. The ocean breeze billowing in my hair! 😍😍 lol. But on the other hand Seattle has rain and gloomy days. Free stuff. Art. Mountains. Hiking. Snow. Traffic. The need for snow boots!!! Both sides have my heart not gonna lie, and honestly it’s not like I’m a tree. I don’t have roots somewhere. If I get there and find it doesn’t work. I can always leave!!! 

We’ll see!!! I swear here lately I am always starving like a hostage in Solmolia… It’s the worst. So what do I do??? Off to bed I go!# hahaha. Did I mention that I did my last fitting and prep for my teeth?!?!?! Next appt is the real deal hollyfield. I CANT WAIT!!!! ✌✌✌ ima be smiling for no reason just cuz it’s Tuesday. The wind is blowing east. And I’m standing at latitude 45 longitude 76 lol. Yes. That simple.. 

Welp it’s bedtime. Until next time. 😘😘


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