May 18th, 2017

As I lay here unable to sleep. Knowing that tomorrow is going to suck balls because ima be so tired but I can’t get my mind to stop. Like really….. I told the truth. Why is it I don’t feel better? I should right? Even as I layed here in my own feelings. I prayed that God comfort her because I know how she must be feeling. So why do I not feel better for telling the truth?! Was it really worth it? I don’t know. But I do know I need my mind to stop and slow it down cuz I have one More day of work I gotta get thru before I can be up all night on some BS.  

Anywho. Today was a great day…  Work was cool and then I had my last appointment for my teefers next appt its official!!! Ill have new fixed teeth!!! I can’t wait… For those of you who are just tuning in. I have soft teeth and also my saliva is too acidic so it eats at the enamel of my teeth So it made my teeth become so brittle that they were chipping. Breaking. And now I hate smiling. But once my teeth are fixed. Man I can’t wait!!!! 

I have Perla’s wedding Saturday and that should be fun. A Mexican wedding is always fun. Food. Dance. Music. And love. Love is in the air!!! It will be great!! 

It’s almost time for the move, and while it’s nerve racking its also exciting. And necessary! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.  I know everything is going to happen according to plan. Because everything that I am becoming is getting ready for this massive blessing. I have to let go of things in the past. Forgive. Forget. And move on! I know this change is going to be difficult at first but I’m ready like I said. Its gonna work out for my favor and be just fine! It’ll be great! Just have to stayed prayed up and continue on this path.. And stop failing all the tests he gives me. I swear. He gives me the same one til I learn my lesson and pass it. And man o man. I get it. I think he is testing me to make sure I fully trust in him and his words. That I am going to give myself and surrender to him completely. Instead of holding onto control whatever that may be right now… And I think that’s the problem. No matter what you believe in. Or even if you’re not spiritual just religious and believe in a higher power.  Giving up that control you have on your life is never easy… But I believe in order to level up. One must submit to him fully. And it’s a process but I’m learning… 

Well ima try this whole sleep thing again….. Maybe this time it’ll work. 🙂 Lol. From the bed of a wanderer. Good night. 


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