May 16th, 2017

Annnnnnd here we are and it’s only Tuesday…. Like really? Ugh. Its so annoying.. Lol 

It feels like a Monday… I hate that… But here as I lay in bed I have a sense of I guess relief. Like some kind of peace has just come over me… And I don’t know why… Its not easy to explain… But I got to get a lot of stuff off my chest today and It was lovely…  But it’s like where do I go from here…. 

As far as my life I have 41 days left of working for Providence… And then it’s on to a new chapter of my life. Its exciting and nerve racking all at the same time…. I’m so ready for this new venture. It should be fun!!! A patient once told you. Life is too long to be in the same career forever. So switch often but choose good. So I plan on doing that. There is nothing wrong with changing things up… 

And it’s official. I am the MOH…. Maid of Honor for my wifey’s wedding and I am so excited!! While I may not particularly care for the husband to be…. She makes me the happiest thing around and I love her for life… 🙂 she’s just the greatest. But I hope she knows she left me in charge of bachelorette party and it’s in Vegas!!!! Whooooot whooooot bring on all the penis decorations there is!!!! We”re gonna get shirts made also… I just can’t wait.  

My sister is getting married in March of next year… My wife is also…. And then my other friend is getting married in 2 years and I’m in that wedding also…  I guess somewhere along the lines people decided they liked me around lol. 

I love it. Because last night as my niece and I spoke and she said love was what she thought the purpose of life was… This is a prime example of it… Love is definitely in the air around my friends.. It’s nice… 🙂 

Well it’s been an emotional day and I’m drained!!! Soooooo good night! 💞


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