Happy Mothers Day!! 💞💞 2017

First off…. Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s out there… To the ones who have lost children, to the ones who have children who were never born, to the ones who have complicated relationships with their children, or parents. To the parents who foster kids, to the parents who stepped up to be a child’s parent. To all of you. To be a mother is one of the biggest blessings in the world! If you are a mom cherish it. If you don’t have kids just remember to cherish your mom! People and things are gone way too easy now a days and it’s important to cherish them while we have them… 

I got a card from my kiddo and it told me what a great job I was doing and to keep doing watch I’m doing hahaha… Gotta love kids. It was super nice! And a new journal. I love that! I think I have a stomach bug now. And it’s stupid lol go from one thing to another. There is just no winning. Lol. 

Well I hope everyone is having an amazing day! Ima go and do some homework and try to get myself ready for this week. Have a great day. 💐💐💞💞

Kiss your mom. Kiss your child.  Cherish people. 


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