May 5th, 2017

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!! For me It consisted of work. A pot luck, making kids cry, grocery shopping, making dinner, Wine and unwinding with my kiddo. Just watched Secret life of Pets. Super cute movie, if you haven’t seen it. I definitely suggest doing so!!! We are now watching it for the 2nd time in a row… Back to back. Lol. Gotta love kids haha haha. He’s excited for the move. And for this summer! He is fixin to go from being the only kid to being 1 of 7 boys. But it’ll do him some good! I’m excited for him to go and have fun with his brothers and dad. And step mom! I love the relationship his step mom And i have. We didn’t used to get along because we were friends and had been since 5th grade. And then when they got together I refused to talk to either one of them for a long time. But hey it isn’t about me. Its about my son and me Not talking or keeping him from his dad only hurt him. So I’ve never been that woman. I’ve never used my son to get back at my son’s father. I don’t understand the people who do. “IF YOU DONT DO THJS YOULL NEVER SEE YOUR CHILD” “IF YOU DATE HER YOULL NEVER SEE YOUR CHILD” it’s not fair. Your playing a game of chess and your child unfortunately is the pawn. Its sad… Ok rant over. The point of that was to say how glad I am he gets to have an enjoyable summer and then ends it in Vegas with his tt and cousins who have season passes to Wet n Wild!!! He’s gonna be 12!! Its his golden birthday!!! 12 on the 12th!! He’s a Leo and I love that he is coming into the pesonality that he is! It’s a fun process To be a part of! 😍😍

Today marks 6 days in a row I’ve been working out. I am going tomorrow to make up for missing so much time. Oh and I am really close to my goal of being under 200!!!! I cant wait!!! It’s gonna be complete bliss when I’m there!! And then see how far I can go! 

You know it’s amazing how things that used to interest me. Don’t anymore. I used to want to go out. Drink. And do all of this. And tonight. I’m content sitting at home. Drinking wine. And watching movies with my kiddo. I don’t drink like I used too at all and things just take a different perspective than they used too.

Have you ever had a connection? And I’m not talking about one thats breakable. But one that can be stretched but doesnt break? If you ever have, than you know that nothing you do or say or they do or say changes how you feel about them. They can pretty much do anything and you’re still there… It could eithr be unconditional love is stupidity. The jury is still out… 

Anywho. I’m sleepy!!! Yes. Bedtime at 10:36 on a Friday!!!! Haha. 

Good night. Positive vibes. Positive life. 


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