May 4th, 2017

Man. Today was a day…. Work absolutely drained me… We started off with my 10:30 patient showing up hella early. And then going from no patients to all patients at once and it was just a rat race all day long!! I got bit,kicked, licked, drooled on, punched, and screamed at all day long. Every kid who got shots cried and man is it taking a toll on me. Everyone who works in Peds normally said it was nothing and acted like I should be unaffected but the truth is. I’m not. It’s hard in Peds. Kids come in, on foster care, detoxing, can’t be around their mom’s or dads. Have to call the cops or cps. Watching kids who you just wanna take home with you. It sucks. 

I don’t know maybe I’m just too sensitive but that ish today killed me… My hair was cute today tho… I had it braided from the bottom up into little bows.. And it was lovely! All the kids liked my “Minnie mouse” bows! They grabbed for them and smiled. And a lot if adults did too. Hahaha… Tomorrow is cinco de mayo… And all I am looking forward too is that it’s Friday. And I get to sleep in the following day! Yayyyyy!!!!! 

Well y’all today has taken a toll on me. So ima go to bed. Early day tomorrow and I have to cook for a pot luck at work!!! 
Good night. Positive vibes. Positive life. 


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