May 3rd, 2017

I LITERALLY GOT THE BEST NEWS EVERRRR TODAYYYY!!!!!! All ima is watch out here I come!!!!! Eeeeeeee!!! I am just ear to ear grinning right now. And all I know is I hope this momentum keeps up!! 😀😀😀😍😍😍

So it’s hump day!!! Lol. And I almost got bit at work! 😰 some little boy unfortunately was traumatized at the hospital and would NOT let me get his vitals. Sooooooo as I was going to do his blood pressure all I felt was hot breathe on my hand and moved it real quick. He was gonna bite me!! The mother of course was mortified. But hey I get it. He was scared! This week is half over. Hump day! Whoot whoot! So exciting! Lol. Actually I’m just looking forward to this weekend to get some homework done. Rearrange some clothes and start packing up un-necessary things. It’s gonna be here before we know it. Sooo time to start packing. Its between two spots. LA 🌞🌴 and Seattle ☔⛅ lol we”ll see. I have been weighing the pros and cons of both places and trying to see which would be a better fit for mikai and then make my choice. But either way come July-ish we”ll be residents in a new state. Either North or South!!! Can’t wait! I love the sun. Yet I love the rain as well! So it should be interesting!! 

I’m super sore. I hadnt been to the gym in so long I got muscles hurting I don’t remember the names too. And you know my theory on that. If you don’t know the name it shouldn’t be allowed to hurt!!! But I love the burn I should actually go to sleep cuz 4am comes wayyyy to early!! 

Soooooooo wish me luck. Keep me in your prayers. Positive vibes. Positive life. 💖✌


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