April 30th, 2017

So here we are, the last day of April. I plan on making May my bitch! First semester of school is done. Finals while I waited til the last minute. Are DONE!! I’m excited to start my next set of classes. And be one step closer to where I need to be! Back in the gym after taking some time off, definitely feeling it on my sciatic nerve. Buuuut oh well. The show must go on, as I recently got told on my trip to LA. My legs look amazing and my calves and thighs are hella bomb. Like hella… Thanks. I know! When it comes to my legs, cant tell me nuffin ha. Booty we are working on. I used to think I had a HUGE booty but I also was 110lbs heavier. So it was all fat. Now any gains is muscle baby!! I have such a hard time with big girls who claim they have a big butt…. No honey you have a lot of fat. And if you were ever to lose it. Your “big” ass and titties you flash in every pic would go tooooo…. Facts. Fat is not an actual ass…. Ok rant over!!! 

I gotta say tho as we enter May I’m getting saddened cuz that means we are getting closer to my bug leaving me for the summer. While I love the adventures and experiences he gets to have I hate him being gone that long!! It sucks!! But hey. He’ll have fun. That’s all that matters. Its also getting closer to move time and I’m still in the air!! 

All I know is I’m ready! Its gonna be different and amazing to be on our own! I can’t wait!!!! He’s gonna be 12 and in the 7th grade… 😦 can we just stop time for a bit?!?!? I mean sheesh! Before I know it. Ima blink and he’s gonna be out of the house. Super sad. 

Anywho. 4am comes too early. So I’m turnin it down. Good night. ✌✌

Positive vibes. Positive life. 


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