April 27th, 2017

Man.. today! Did you know that IG is now like Facebook? I mean I dont have a Facebook anymore, but did you know that when you block a person, you NO LONGER SEE THERE STUFF!!!! Man that is LOVE!!!! I remember when I would block people and say, Dang I wish it was like Facebook where you couldn’t see them or their name or anything and NOW viola!!! Im so excited you have no idea! No more looking at bull that is only negativity to my life!!!! Ahhhhhhhh that in itself makes for a great day! Not to mention that I figured out how to block people on my phone, cuz Im not gonna change my number just because someone wont stop calling or texting me! Soooo anywho now that Im done with my rant for the day!!

Today was SUPPPERRRR busy! During my time in Pediatrics clinic, I have managed to NOT have to do injections and make the babies cry. Wellll today we were 2 people short, and I just couldn’t get away from it today. And as you would have it, almost every one of my patients was a well child check in which I had to give immunizations too!! Mannn I felt so bad when those itty bitties looked me in my face like i was the worst thing in the world! Right before they burst into tears, that bottom lip out and tears pooling. Oh my Im quite sure that I no longer have a soul after working there and doing that! lol But I had a good day! Busy makes the day go by quicker! I rather enjoy busy! While at work today, I get a text from my son who asks me to make Fettuccine. To which I replied didn’t you have that already this weekend while I was gone, and he says no mom, it was cheese filled noodles and it wasn’t yours. Yours is so good! hahahahaha suck up of the year goes toooo…. lol He’s a hot mess!! He recently lost his X-box one… so he is stuck to my side more than normal! Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a bad kid, by any means! He just needs to find a new hobby or something! lol

Im pretty sure that I am on my way to being a crazy cat lady, I have 3 already. And wherever I move they will go with me!! I love cats though, they are actually quite self-sufficient, they make up there own rules, and decide when they want to love you and when they don’t. During the night, Akeelah will come and bite your forearm and meow in your face to make sure that you know she is there and wants love. I love them. 🙂 They make me happy! lol plus cats were considered sacred in ancient Egypt times! Sooo I basically have royalty living with me! How awesome is that?! Also in a study done once it was said that cats add years to your life… so therefore you should invest in some cats! Get you some years and royalty living under your roof! Hahaha…

Anywho. My first semester comes to an end this weekend, I am one class closer to graduation! My next semester I am taking Human Relations, and I cant lie, that class seems like it is going to be pretty interesting. I cant wait for it. I need to get back in a routine. I am fixing to get this second job, so that way I can save more money to move, considering it is on the weekends and my son is usually at friends house from Friday after school, until Sunday when he has too. lol he wont miss me too much, besides its for him. He needs to know that he can do anything , and everything and NO ONE can stop him. Not peoples negative sneers, or side comments, no someone telling him anything is stupid. He should want it more because of that. Push harder when someone tells you, you cant or wont have something.

Anywho thats my rant for today, its finals week I should probably get started on those!

Positive vibes. Positive life.


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