April 16th, 2017

Ok. Ok. Oooooooook I admit it. I raise the white flag in surrender…. I Kathryn Fries (pronounced freeze) being of kind of sound mind and total sound body do hereby admit. I am sick. Ughhh… It even tasted horrible admitting it! As I broke down and bought medicine. And sit here with a tissue shoved up my nose it’s time to admit. I’m sick… And it couldn’t have came at a worse time. I mean really. Lol but oh well. Here it is. I’m sick. And I can’t breathe thru my nose and my M’s are coming out as B’s… Its all bad. But anywho Im sure everyone is prolly glad I’m single cuz this is a site to see. I tell ya what… Snotty tissue. Red nose. Just dropped my phone on my face… Man o man…. #winning 

Today was a chill day. I mean what do you do when your kid tells you he no longer believes in the Easter bunny?! You get him a basket anyways. Hand it to him and tell him don’t eat all your candy in one day. That’s what you do folks..  Cuz at a certain age that’s what happens. And there is no way around it.. So there you have it. 

I’m sick. My kid doesn’t believe in Easter. I went to the gym and felt like I was gonna die in there man. I mean I felt good but more fatigued if that’s even a thing I tell you. And I need a new bed. Man as I lay on this dang thing it is so uncomfortable. I am actually looking forward to a hotel bed for comfort!!! Man.. Anywho off subject and completely random lol I sit here and look at my empty wine glass and wish I could taste just so I could drink some. But I can’t my ears are plugged and I’m a ball of fun right now haha. 

Anywho. So it’s bedtime cuz I’ve been tryna tell people it was bedtime at 2pm this afternoon lol. So I’m going to bed. 

Many blessings. And positive vibes. Good night. 


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