April 15th, 2017

Today was a good day, with the exception that everyone keeps tryna tell me I’m sick. I keep telling these mothertruckers its just a temporary set back in my health. I’m fine!!!! I mean hell I can smell the rain outside my window which means I’m not sick. Nevermind that it feels like hot coal is going down my throat every time I swallow. Who cares if my throat feels super swollen. Hahaha. The fact of the matter is. I can smell and therefore that means I’m not sick!!! Glad we cleared that up! All jokes aside. This Oregon bi-polar weather makes my allergies go up in a tissy and I don’t appreciate it Not one bit. Makes me even more excited for my vacay! Ha! Seriously tho. I cannot wait!! I am counting down the days!! Just got the nails and toes done for the occassion!! Can’t have them getting all bronzed up while being ugly hahaha! 

On another note. I have a dramatic child. Lol. I went to get my nails done and go to Starbucks. He was outside playing. He calls me while I’m at Starbucks and says, “Mom you picked the worst time ever to leave…” I’m gonna pause there. ANYONE who knows me. knows my personality and kNOWS that is something I would say haha. ok unpause… I said Mikai what is wrong. He said “don’t be mad. But I was playing and my friend threw a wooden sword at me and it hit me in my head and it’s bad. So bad mom”…. Pause again…. At this time I’m trying not to laugh at my child because I hear the very real concern and how upset he is in his voice. Buuuuuut he sounds just like me.. Lol unpause… “Mom I don’t want to get stitches again come home quick. I’m bleeding” so I leave my friend at Starbucks and rush home… My niece is walking down the driveway to leave to her friends house and she is cracking up at him saying he’s a baby. So I get home and look at my very pitiful child who starts crying again when he sees me. And removes the paper towel. Now mind you. I’m expecting blood to gush out at me the way he described it. So I was a bit disappointed when he took the paper towel off and it was just a little trickle… So I clean him up… Remember folks. Medical field, so I have 2 options. I go and take him to the Emergency room. Where they would have given him 1 maybe 2 stitches to close it up…. Orrrrr I search the stash of medical supplies we have at home and do it myself. Soooo 5 steri strips,  A pack of triple antibiotic ointment, 2 bandaids and one ibuprofen later. He was good to go!! I hugged him. And kissed his forehead and he was good as new. Lol. I tell you what. Boys. They are definitely attached to mama! He’s had stitches tho in his head. Twice and it’s been glued shut.. So he doesn’t much care for stitches. I tell you the joys of having fearless boys, when he was younger he was fearless. He was riding his bike thought he could jump a 5 inch concrete curb and didn’t make it. Resulted in 6 stitches in his forehead. Went back 4 weeks later. Tried it again. 5 stitches. 3Rd time wayyyyy more scary. Especially for mom. He was playing outside. We lived in Kentucky in an old apartment building the stairs were concrete encased in metal. So he had all his hot wheels outside on the porch. Was running annnnnnd fell and busted his forehead open down to his skull. I couldn’t think when that happened. We only had 1 car at that time. And of course his dad was gone. So luckily my friend was there. All I did was grab a towel. Wrap his head and get in her car. I didn’t put shoes on. I didn’t grab my wallet. I didn’t even shut my apt door. I just took him to the ER. Where we sat for 12 hours with his head wide open. And I kept trying to keep him awake in case he has a concussion. Well finally due to how long it was and deep that decided glue would be the best option so thats what they did. So I understand his disliking of stitches.. He is a trooper tho. He broke both bones in his arm once too. I’ll never forget it, it was my first day of MA school he was with my mom and I got the call they were being taken the ER by a friend cuz he was on the monkey bars and instead of falling on his face he put his arm straight out and landed on it. Breaking it. Poor guy tho because of the rapid rate at which children’s bones grow. Waiting 2 weeks for surgery his bones had already started to grow back together. So they had to go in and rebreak his bones to set them properly. He was a happy camper going into surgery not so much afterwards. But thankfully. Knock on wood nothing has happened since then and that was 2010. 

Moving on, I swore it was bedtime until I remembered I was blogging everyday this month and moving forward so I couldn’t go to bed! Ugh. So annoying. Lol. But I think I have provided enough to read and take in. So it’s bed time. 🙂 

Sleep well. Positive vibes. Happiness and happy Easter. 🐰🍫


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