April 13th, 2017

So today, started out AHHMAZING!!! I mean I didn’t have to yell at my son 18 different times to get ready, my coffee girl text me and said she bought me breakfast, and that burrito was life! lol and she made me an amazing coffee! So I was great, it was great! Today I want to talk about relevance and karma, two subjects that happen to be of great importance. When something is irrelevant to you, it means it does not matter, they dont exist, they are basically invisible to YOUR life. Websters definition is this: Not connected with or relevant to something. Synonyms include: not important, immaterial, beside the point. So I think we get it, but what is it when someone says you’re irrelevant but continues to check on you? You would be surprised the amount of people who do not speak to you, but speak of you or check your stuff daily. Moral of that story, dont say something or someone is irrelevant but  check up on them, you become a hypocrite and bring relevance to the subject.

Moving on, Karma!!! Ooooo she’s my favorite, because I personally have experienced her wrath and she is NOT kind! Whatever you do has a reaction, whether good, bad, or evil. You put something into the world, and it WILL come back to you. I put my sons father thru something, and it came back to me in the form of my ex and his baby moms. So Karma comes back always, mind you that was enough for me, some people I feel like they don’t believe in karma or they just don’t think its gonna happen to them, like they are convinced that they are just the best of people and nothing will ever happen. Let me tell you there is nothing that you can do, whether in the open or in silence that karma does not find, because once you put that ripple into the universe it is there. Take praying for someone to lose a baby for example, first off, you have to be the worst kind of human EVER to walk this earth to pray for the loss of a life, especially an innocent one who has done nothing wrong. But that’s besides the point, the fact of the matter is, the energy that you put out in the world with that negativity, is intense. And then they actually lose the baby too?! ha wow. All I can say is you wish that upon someone, and then wonder why nothing good is going on in your life, why everything is falling apart, why you don’t sleep good, why everything is bad. The energy you put in the world for wishing that on something that pure, is coming back, and it might come back all at once or in little spurts, but believe it is coming back. Karma NEVER misses someone.

Its funny to me, the people I notice that complain the most about having bad lives are the ones who lie, steal, cheat, talk about, put people down, belittle people, and put nothing but bad energy into the universe. Then you wonder why things keep happening, cuz you keep putting bad juju out into the world!!! Believe me Ive done my fair share of bad things, and Ive also gotten all of my karma back, I just want a peaceful life, and have zero tolerance or time for people who do not or will not understand that! The people who are bad, but have good lives, that is NOT from God or anything good, that is from the devil. This quote best says that:

“Sometimes the devil allows people to live a life free of trouble because he doesn’t want them turning to God. Their sin in like a jail cell, except it is all nice and comfy and there doesn’t seem to be any reason to leave. The door’s wide open. Till one day time runs out, and the cell door slams shut, and suddenly it’s too late”

They say when you are on the path to something greater and God is fixing to “level up” you there are obstacles that come out to stop you from rising. Im here to say that no one, nothing, not a friend, family or foe is going to stop me from what God is trying to make me. I am FAARRRRR from perfect, but I am changing and continue to change daily. And grow. and rise above the petty nonsense of every day life. I guess I’ll come down now off my horse, considering the fact that some people are not going to like my blog, but guess what, its MINE. I get to talk about whatever I want, whenever I want!! You don’t like it, stop reading.

Im in PEDS today, man I tell you what, I just do NOT have the heart to give the itty bitties shots!! I hate making them cry, it makes my heart hurt! So I dont! Although I am sitting here at my desk listening to what has to be the only legal form of torture, while this kid screams during his immunizations. Out of the 18 clinics that I float too, PEDS is not my favorite, and its not cuz I dont like kids, cuz I love them. Its cuz I cant stand to make them cry or be the reason they are hurting. Dont like it!

Anywho… Im pretty sure more will happen today, but for now, Im done. I had a moment, where I had to say something, and I did and now its done. Annnnnnd Im good! Sooo gym tonight!!! Whooooooooo hhahahahaha. I feel better now y’all I cant be holding onto that stuff, it weighs me down. I cant be a sunshine if Im bogged down and full of hate or negativity now can I???

Have a blessed day y’all! Ill talk to you laterrrrrr!!!! Ps… I CANT WAIT FOR MY VACAY NEXT WEEK!!!!! ❤


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