April 5th, 2017

As I sit here and watch my friend get tatted and sit in absolute agony… I wonder why we do it?!?! Why do we put ourselves thru so much pain just for a brief moment of happiness…. Haha. I’m talking about tattoos fyi!!!! Man those fuckers hurt… And bad..  Sheeshhh…. I have 11 and I swear I got them in the most sensitive places everrrr….. My feet. Oh man oh man. Those bad boys hurt like a motherfucker…. I have no other words for them. They hurt. So bad. My ankle.. Man. Low back. Arms. Neck. Forearm… Just painful I tell ya!! Buuuuuut yet we do it… Im addicted I can’t lie. I love the hum of the needle and the buzz of the power. The feeling when it hits your back and you were expecting it but NOT really hahaha… Oh it’s love. I can’t wait for my next one. It’s just art and it’s beautiful. 

I could talk forever about tattoos. But I won’t! Instead I’ll just lay here and go to bed. Sorry y’all between working. Working out. Homework. And all of that. I’m tired. So goodnight. 😘


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