April 3rd, 2017

Welp… here we are.. another day into this glorious year…. I almost wish I was speaking it, so you could hear the disdain in my voice.. but if you had to picture it.. Picture this.. You know in the movie, “Hocus Pocus” when she was like “oh loook another marveellous morning” that is about how I imagine I’d sound if I were to say it out loud! Any who.. up side to, today, Its my sisters birthday!! I asked how it felt to be almost 40!! She told me she hated me! hahahahahahahahahahah I havent laughed that hard in a long time! lol She isnt almost 40 by the way… Well she is but not that close if you ask her she is 29 for thee……. 8th time! And boyyyy 29 has NEVER looked so good! hahaha No I hope she had the best birthday ever, it seems no matter what we go thru or anything like that we always manage to find a way to come back to each other. One way or another.. Although she is thoroughly convinced that we are not from the same two parents, I told her she had to suck it up, her dad was not some rich french guy and he was not coming to save her. We look exactly alike!!! hahahaha Anywho.. Happy Birthday Miss, I hope your day was everything you wanted it to be…

Moving on… this week at work has made me realize that while I was planning on getting a 2nd job just so I could make sure my son was taken care of and we could move, now with the way my schedule is set up, Im going to have to get a 2nd job just to take care of business… Now that I have been living a life where I dont live paycheck to paycheck, and Im ok, I dont want to go back to having to live paycheck to paycheck it isnt a life I want for myself or my son. Now dont get me wrong, I am not living some lavish extreme life, but I am living comfortably and if I want or need something or my son wants or needs something, or we need something for the house, I dont have to wait until my next check to get it. THAT is a life I can stay accustomed too, until I make it big and can just say eff it we traveling to Dubai! Call up my mama and take her around the world, although Im not too sure she would come now!!! Ill have you know my mama is 57 and has a more active social life than me, my sister and my friends combined!!! hahahahaha I LOVE IT!!!!!! On Friday not only did my friend Gianna text me to tell me about how “our” mom was out on a date and got more action/had a more active social life than her, but my SISTER text me also. “Do you know our mother has a BOYFRIEND, and a VERY active social life???” I LOVE IT!!!! Oh em geee…. it makes me giggle soooo much, I showed my son a picture of him and he said no.. nope.. dont approve.. look at him he has long hair and his beard matches. nope. my gma can NOT date him. I said well baby just wait gma is going to Vegas in November to help TT dress shop (FYI my sister is getting married whoot whoot) oh I said she is going in November and Jeff wants to meet the family. He said meet the family? well we are family so he has to meet us too! hahahahaha Protective much?! Just a little, for the longest time, when I was working and in school in Vegas, a lot of nights when Mikai was younger, it was just my mom and Kai. Also I worked weekends alot of the time, so they had their time together, and when we moved away and then she moved away I think they both had separation anxiety.  I am thankful for the bond that my son has with my mom and my sister, I mean after all what happens IF im not around?  Anywho.. moral of the story if my son doesnt approve it cant happen! hahaha

As I lay here in bed, and contemplate my day, and how I really should have went to the gym today, and I shouldnt have ate that stupid chocolate, that has now made my stomach upset, all I can do is reflect and thank God for the mixed up crazy up and down life that I have. It is messy, unorganized, crazy, fun and most of all getting better. I wouldnt change it. The people I have met in my life have either become one of my best friends, or have taught me something, most people have taught me things, but I can honestly count on one hand the amount of TRUE friends I have. The ones who would drop anything to come to me, or if they couldnt they would find a way, the ones who will hate a decision I make but in the end say, You’re being stupid, but go get it girl. Those ones, the ones who dont hold their tongue when they think I am driving head first into a wall. And while I would love to fight them tooth and nail on some things, I cant! Because if I sat back and really thought about it, I would realize they were right, and correct, and I am stubborn! hahahah I know those of you who know me you’re thinking,… Katie, stubborn?!?! Noo not that sweet sweet angel! hahahahahahahaahahahahahaahaha Dont worry y’all Ima be in that handbag right next to y’all on the way to hell saying, damn we had some great times though!

Stay weird, stay happy, stay positive, and most of all BE NICE! If you cant find a nice person, be a nice person. Good night from the bed of a wandering gypsy soul. ❤


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