March 28th, 2017

I didn’t write last night. I can honestly say I didn’t feel like it. I came home after the gym and I ate with my friend. And then I took a bath. Took a shower. And went to bed. I laid in bed for what seemed like forever. Just laying there. Its like I couldn’t shut my brain off. And it was annoying. I just wanted to go to sleep and I wasn’t being able too. Annoying right?!?! But anywho here it is 5:52am and I am not feeling the work flow thing. I’m feeling like crap my allergies are kicking my butt and I don’t like it. 

Have you ever needed or wanted to be alone?! Like nothing is really wrong. You just want your space?! While it is extremely few and far in between sometimes I just like to be alone. Here lately I haven’t been on my phone as much as I was before. If it dies I’m not tripping, if someone calls I’m not rushing to see what is going on. While it’s different. Its nice… I don’t rush to figure out what is going on somewhere else. I don’t need to be “in the loop” and I’m definitely learning that just because you didn’t post it. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I used to think that I had to document everything. Every moment. Every memory. Every everything. But I’ve learned that is not the case. Just because the world doesn’t know what you did. Doesn’t mean you didnt do it. Don’t get me wrong documenting your memories is definitely fine and good I’m talking the other stuff. The extra. The breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. In between. Every move posts. Not the took a trip moments. I think there is a fine line to everything. And I’ve found that my posts generally only offend people who think I’m directly talking to them and truth is. I’m not talking to anyone. I’m talking from experience. I have to say in the last 3 months I have grown. Immensely. And continue to grow. I learn new things daily and weekly and I love it. People who have known you a long time will often point out the changes in you. Forgetting that we had a general population grow daily and if we never changed than that is a sad sad existence to have. If you are The same person you were 5 years ago. 2 years ago. 6 months ago. Than you my friend have some soul searching to do. People will also often point out the changes in you But very rarely will they realize that circumstance and situations often cause that change. Take a relationship for example, if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are getting along fine and then boom an argument and one of you calls the other out their name. You will suddenly change how you look at a person or act towards a person. Same in a friendship. I think people expect too much anymore these days. I myself am guilty of expecting more from things and people than what I get. I think the problem is you feel everyone has the same heart as you and if only you knew how terribly wrong that is. I’m not saying that people are inherently bad. I’m saying people put up expectations and then get angry. Sad. Hurt. Or emotional when they are not met. And that’s a terrible way to live if you ask me. 

Life is shorT folks. Too short ton be anything but ridiculously happy. If something that used to make you happy but doesn’t anymore than change it. Its your life. You only get one. So you should make it count. Have an amazeballs day everyone.



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