March 21st, 2017

So here we are, The “2nd” day if spring and I’ll be damned if it ain’t still raining!!!! ☔☔ Haha Haha…. I think mother nature missed the memo… You are it goes APRIL showers ☔ bring MAY flowers 💐 sheesh…. I need it to get the memo… But anywho. On to bigger and better things!! Such as…. My job. I’m going to rant. Well because this is my blog and quite frankly I can do with it what I please… Here is my problem you see…. Healthcare is just NOT what it used to be. It is no longer focused on patient care but more so on cash flow and ways to standardize rooming processes to make it more effect to see more patients in a timely manner. It is no longer about the patients needs. Please believe I get it, working in healthcare I can understand how a patient and their needs can be frustrating. But at the end of the day. It’s supposed to be about them. They want us to be in and out of the room within 7-9 minutes. The thing is, most of the patients come from assisted living care facilities and have little to no contact or are constantly shushed or pushed to the side and they JUST WANT SOMEONE TO LISTEN…. I am not going to shush them or interrupt an elderly lady who is telling me about her grandchildren she never sees or about the horrible food they serve. Because guess what, it’s about them. From the minute I open that door call them back and introduce myself it is about them. Or at least its supposed to be. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to listen to people complain about having to listen to someone else but yet expects complete radio silence as well as undivided attention when they speak… Talk about the pot calling the kettle black… It is ABSOLUTELY insane to me. I don’t get it. And it isn’t fair to the patient. Healthcare needs to go back to being about the person. I know you remember me telling you about my meltdown because I couldn’t help my patient because if a liability and I broke down and cried because it was my DUTY to that woman. That patient. To help her and I couldn’t because the credentialing and certifications and education wouldnt allow me to do it. You see I originally got into the medical field because it was the “safe bet” single mom. Had to make sure I could provide for my son always and healthcare is ever evolving ever growing. Never going out if style… But then I started doing it for the patient. The little old lady who talked about her grandkids. The one who wants a hug. The elderly gentleman who tells me his war stories. I did it for them because that’s who it’s about. The little girl who hugged my face and told me I had beautiful Elsa braids and then kissed me when I have her little Elsa braids. The snot smeared on my scrub pants from the hugs I get. And the lady who tells me I made her day when I call her with good lab results. THEY are why I do it. THEY are why I love it. But my job is taking that away from me with this standardization. I would walk backwards and sing the national anthem if it was what would make a patient happy. Hold their hand. Wipe their tears. Talk to a teenage girl who thinks she’s irrelevant and tell her just what the world has in store for her. Tell her the grandparents she thinks don’t care probably go to bed every night or stay up sleepless wondering if that the last night theyll see you alive. What it’s like as a family  to know that pain. To worry and check to make sure you’re breathing because you think you’re unloved. I think in my 8 years of being an MA. Sitting down with a teen who thought she was worthless and talking to her about personal things as one if the hardest issues ever. But I sat there on the floor of that exam room held her and cried with her talking to her. Because guess what. Its about them. Healthcare is so backwards now. They worry about the wrong things and out emphasis on money instead of patient care. 

Sorry that is my rant for the day, it was a tough one in regards to work today but I got thru it. Had taco Tuesday with the fam bam and my nieces boyfriend and watched a movie. Cherish those moments too. The ones where everyone is laughing together about nothing and everything or laughing because someone completely had the wrong definition for something and they think they are right. Cherish the random. Cherish the laugter. Cherish the smiles. The closeness.  Just cherish it. Its gone too quickly nowadays. Or people say thing out of anger they don’t mean. Words hurt. Even the ones people think we don’t hear. Cherish your family and friends. 💗💗

Rant over. Feeling better. Definitely dog tired. 😴😴     From the bed of a wandering gypsy soul. ✌🌞 

Good night. Good vibes. Lots of love 💚💚


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