March 7th, 2017

You know today felt like a Monday, and maybe it was because I didn’t work yesterday, but it certainly did. I don’t know about you, but things become like 20 times easier when I ACTUALLY want to do them. Like the gym, ever since I became dedicated and wanted this change even more, it is so much easier. I actually enjoy going to the gym, and I love doing it. I love the burn of the muscles, I love the way the sweat drips down my neck and back and face, it lets me know that I am doing work. I have also been running every day, and it sucks, because since I do still have extra weight around my abdomen it has caused me to have a problem with my knee, it sounds like a bag of chips or pop rocks as I come down the steps. It doenst matter how fast or slow I go, it sounds like that. Which actually makes me giggle, because I have definitely come a lot further than I was before, so it makes me hungry for what is next. Again craving the soreness, and the results. I feel like that is really all its about, once you start to get those gains, or the results you have been longing for, you make yourself go harder.

Speaking of going harder, I realize that with school and going to the gym, being a single mama, working, and blogging, Ima need to crack down even harder on my priorities, the thing Ive realize is that while you will always have people around you that will help motivate and push you to the next level, at the end of the day you have to depend on me, myself, and I, to make it thru the hard days. You can always have someone there who will be your shoulder to lean on, cry too, or be a sounding board but at the end of the day only you really know what is best for you. Husbands and wives have a different dynamic when it comes to that, they are already a team, a unit, ONE single being. I know that comment will probably offend some people, who are in relationships and things of that nature. Because they feel as though in a relationship that counts as well, but until you exchange last names it isnt the same thing at all.

Moving on, but kind of staying on the same topic, priorities, and being mentally strong. As everyone says, your body can withstand practically anything, its your mind you have to convince. People tend to only work on the outside appearance or well being and they forget that they have a spiritual, mental and emotional well being that needs to be in check as well. I read something the other day that said if you aren’t happy that is your own fault. And at first I wanted to get offended and throw it, but then as I sat and thought about it, happiness is a state of mind. It is NOT something that you can get from someone else or something else. Take for example if you have always been in a relationship and you suck at being alone, so therefore you stay in relationships, how do you know if you are ever truly happy with someone? How do you know if its love or lust? Real or fake? It doesnt seem to make much sense to me, you have to get comfortable with being alone before you can be happy with anyone else. Just as you have to be happy with yourself before you are happy with anyone. That is just my take on it, I have had plenty of experience in this department where either myself or my partner was not happy and we ended up destroying each other or ourselves. Thats the thing though about happiness. We as a human tend to believe that we need things or people to make and keep us happy. Funny when you finally find out that you were all you needed all along!!!

Soooooo I am tired. 4 am comes hella early, soooo from the couch of a wandering gypsy soul. I wish you nothing but good vibes, happiness, and health!!! Find your happiness I beg you! ❤


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