March 2nd, 2017

This sickness….. 😷 is tryna bring me down dammit!!! I don’t appreciate it!! Haha anywho with that being said. Maannnnnnnnnnn am I glad that it’s almost Friday!!! One more day of work. And one more day of this early grind!! I can’t wait to sleep in!!! I mean I don’t ever really go to bed too late anymore hahaha soooooo that won’t be the issue. But not waking up at 4:15am. Will be lovely this weekend. 

Today at work I had the divine pleasure of speaking with a woman, in her 70’s and she told me. Life is too short to have just one career, change often and never stop learning. Which is insane because I told her if I had enough money I would stop working and become a professional student. I love learning new things about different subjects and different cultures and backgrounds. It is fascinating!! To be able to travel the world. Learn new things. Eat weird foods, that are only weird cuz they’re different, but it’s the countries delicacy. Learn how people in other countries co-exist so peacefully and then bring those things back here!! I get what she is saying though. Here lately I have been feeling restless and I didn’t quite know why and speaking with her kind of helped clarify it , working at the job I am is not fulfilling and is making me hate what I do. That is a crappy feeling to love helping people so much but dislike where you do it so much more! I’m hoping to be able to figure out my life and soon. 

But for now, I start school for my associates in business on Monday. I haven’t missed a single day at the gym this week. My sleep schedule sucks and I need somewhere in between 5-7 hours of sleep to function. My best friend got me sick. And I miss my boyfriend in Portland. Yep. Pretty much sums up my life right now. 

So goodnight. From the bed of a wandering gypsy soul. 😴😘❤🌞


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