March 1st, 2017

So I literally have like 45 minutes to start and finish this cuz guess what 10pm bedtimes are NOT working for me!! I get tired as hell!! Be ready for a nap after lunch, today I caught myself nodding off during my break. It was pretty intense. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄

Anywho. Day was pretty cool. I’m pretty sure I need to figure out this get rich from home thing a bit faster cuz I’m tired of working for people and alla that.I’m ready to wake up on a beach somewhere because guess what it can be my office. I’m ready to be my own boss. Help people. Actually make a difference in the community. Help homeless sustain a job, help them period.  I want to teach my son about foreign countries and different cultures. Eat good foods in different places we would never eat. I want that. I want that. And sleep hahaha 

I wish I was better with my money because then I wouldn’t have to work So hard now to do what I want to do! 
Welp it is definitely my bedtime. I hate that it gets so late and then I’m sleepy. And don’t want to stay up to late. But it’s ok. I’ll get better at time managment sooner or later lol. 

Goodnight from the bed of a wandering gypsy soul. ❀😘


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