February 26th, 2017


I just need to scream. Im pretty sure a real one in the middle of the woods would make me feel better but for now one on paper will have to do… 

Communication…. If you don’t have it. You have nothing… Crazy right? The problem with communication is perception. And everyone always hears something different. It almost seems as if there is no winning. You communicate and if someone takes something the wrong way. You’re screwed cuz once that happens. Perception is all that matters at that time. You can have the best of intentions, but perception is a bitch. I guess I just don’t get it sometimes. 

Communication….. It’s like there should be a road map that goes with thAt as well. A how to communicate effectively in order to avoid situations. But they should have one for like every type of personality possible. Ha and even then it’ll be wrong cuz you’ll get the wrong personality. And it’ll still get fucked up… 

All I’m saying is. In any relationship. Friendship. Marriage. Family. Communication is key. It’s what ensures things run smoothly. Without it. Things crumble. Pride happens to go with that as well but Thats a convo for another night as I need to get back on a 4:15 wake up call schedule… 

Good night. From my own bed. Still a wandering gypsy soul. 💗✌


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