February 24th,2017

So they say laying next to someone you care about decreases stress, helps you sleep better, fall asleep faster, and just is overall better for your health…. So I say. Why don’t we do more of that if that is the case?! 

I mean seriously. If the cure to a bad day is snuggling up to your significant other. Than by all means. DO IT!!!! I don’t see why we gotta make things so hard!! It just don’t make no sense!! 

So here I am in Portland again, I’ll let you know if it works or not!! Sound good??!?! 

I am tired. I spent over half my day in the car. Its insanely ridiculous actually. But oh well it will be worth it. I’m bout to pass out and start tomorrow. Make it a good one and actually SLEEP!!!! 

They also say travel makes you happy and versed. Well I guess we shall find that out as well. 

Goodnight world!! From the bed of a traveling wandering gypsy soul in another city. ✌✌💗💗


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