February 22nd, 2017

Let me just stArt out by saying DENTAL WORK IS THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!! My mouth is swollen. I got a bruise on my left cheek, and I can’t eat. So of course I’m tired and Im grumpy. And I am hating everything. And he left a piece of tooth in my gums which therefore keeps poking my cheek. Which therefore makes me even more mad!!! 😡😡😡👊👊👊😭😭😭

So now that I’m done complaining I can move on. Going to Portland this weekend again! Pretty excited. Went shopping. Got some pretty cute dresses!!! And clothes period. I’m ready for a weekend away. 

Now I’m not a pill taker by any means. Most I take is Ibuprofen And I had to pull out the strong stuff for my teeth, that are still bleeding fyi, and now I’m super sleepy. Eyes keep rolling in the back of my heAd.. Hahaha. And it’s a non narcotic. Oh the fun days!!! Lol. I’m going to bed. Tomorrow I’ll write before I take my meds hahaha from the bed of a not so wandering. Slightly high. Gypsy soul. Good night. 💗💗✌✌


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