February 16th, 2017

So lemme just stArt off by saying….. I hate dental work. And as a person who has had soft teeth her WHOLE life. Dentists and I are NOT friends. haha haha so my mama as lovely as she is, gave me soft teeth. And then to top that off…. My saliva is too acidic and it is eating at the enamel of my teeth so in lamens terms “I’m Fucked!!!” so therefore dental work and I do NOT get along. I have had 9 root canals, I went from having an extra tooth in my mouth to not having enough. I have had chipped tooth after chipped tooth and just got 3 pulled today… Gotta love it! Mouth is so swollen and can barely open my mouth. It hurts so bad, my son cut my grilled cheese sammich in 4’s and I had to eat cold ramen cuz I can’t have hot stuff. And it’s soft and liquid diet for the first 3 days!! Yayyy!! Guess the plus side. I’ll lose weight!!! Hahhaa 

Speaking of weight loss, lemme tell you. You never really notice things until you see old pics of you. Orrrrr you go to the scrub fair and have to buy scrubs a size smaller. I’m so excited and now everyone is commenting and I feel amazeballs!!! I still don’t go as much as I’d like and there is no excuse other than I just don’t go. But I will get there. Slowly but surely. This time there is no stopping until I’m too my goal. Even if it’s slow progress. I’ll take it!!! Besides buying a size smaller in scrubs. I also took a pic naked.. Yes. Oh em geee but I did. It was a comparison pic an man oh man did I notice it then!! It was lovely. Sorry if you are now picturing me naked. I promise from the neck up and waist down it’s really pretty. Hahaha the in between is my work in progress!!! 

I tell you what, February has been a trying month at best I mean man!! I do not know how we are standing here after everything thats gone on, I am generally ok with maintaining a positive attitude while in the midst of midlife crisis’s but this time it started to the best of me and some days I just have to remind myself who I am and why I’m here. And then I’m ok. Satan’s week never helps either, it put me in an even lower funk. :/ but it’s cool. Its gonna be GREAT!! 

Sooo my lovely after dental procedure medications have decided to ever so graciously kick in now!!! So it’s my bedtime. Until tomorrow folks. 

From the slightly clouded mind of a wandering gypsy soul. Good night! ✌💗


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