Valentine’s Day 💗💗

Here it is folks, that one day out of the year where everyone shares their “love” where everyone is important and special and people go out of their way to make sure someone knows this…. HA!!! 

Amazing how it takes a day to make people do that, like they couldn’t do it because it’s Thursday and the wind is blowing due East at a 50° angle and life is great!!! Nope. Can’t do it because of that!! It’s because of Valentine’s Day. Another major holiday that everyone over spends on…. Sighhh maybe I’m grumpy cuz I didn’t get to spend it with my boo as he lives 80 million years away!!! Ughhh… Oh well… Distance is nothing is you both want it bad enough. Distance is just one more obstacle y’all can tackle together and make better because of doing it together… Siiigghh…. Soon baby. I’ll be seeing you soon!! 
Other than that today was long, my friend is sick, my niece didn’t feel well, work was slow, got to spend some time in the ER waiting. Just feels like a really long day!!! Maybe I’m just irritated period, lol I know this morning I was. I woke up and everything annoyed me, things I wouldn’t normally complain of I complained. Like a lot. Not just a little. It’s insane. Satans week must be coming I know you guys know what that is as I’ve told you before. Lol. So for now I’m just gonna enjoy my glass of wine and call it a night… Sorry I don’t have more to say lately I’m just trying to stay afloat right now. Sometimes I wonder how God felt that I could handle all that he gives me But I guess that’s part of it huh? Trusting the process?!?! 

Well Happy Lovers Day. Enjoy it all. Sending positive vibes and love. ✌💗


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