February 11th, 2017

Hey hey…. So yesterday seemed to have escape me without an entry and I apologize. Here lately it’s a wonder my head is in still, but today was a good day. A day that was not full of chaos or anything crazy so that’s always a good day. Now if my dog would stop barking at the stupid light, everything would be great. 

Do you believe in soul mates? You know the ones with whom your heart automatically feels at ease and at home with them? When you meet you feel as tho you have known them your whole life? Everything just fits? And fits well? If were lucky we will end up with that person, but sadly that is not the case for some people. Sadly when people talk about their soulmate it is not with whom they are with, and if you ask me. That’s sad, I don’t think that if your soul and heart feel at home and ease with someone that you should have to lose them. I mean maybe I am living in a fairy tale, and I need to wake up. But I do feel that there are lose that you are automatically drawn too and with which you belong with. My only but of advise to you is to cherish that person and appreciate what you have if you are lucky enough to find and get that!!! 

On the subject of love and happiness, that is exactly what you should spread. I know I have said this before and I keep saying it, but hear me when I say: LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE ANYTHING BUT HAPPY!!!! 

I mean come on, there has been too much death and accidents and near fatalities to be ok with living a mediocre life.  Now please don’t mistake that, what is mediocre to some. May be heaven to others so just live a life that YOU can be proud of. And if you find you are not. BE strong enough to change it. Life is all about growing. Evolving. Change. Happiness. And love. No one is those is more important than the other. All of the are equally as important. I think with it being Valentine’s day you always want to try and “show” people love. But there is technically no good or bad time to “show” the people around you, that you love them. You should practice love every day and being nice. Like I said it might be a fairy tale dream. But if you can’t find a nice person. Be a nice person, show love and compassion. Practice love daily, how can you do that you ask? Find a person who is hard to love and love them. Show them love and compassion and respect. 

So I’m tired as hell I think it might be bed time….😴😴😴😴 

From the mind of a wandering gypsy soul ✌✌


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