February 5th, 2017

Its SUNNDAAYYY!!!! Which means tomorrow is Monday… fuck… so bittersweet.. Lemme just tell you having a hangover at 31, is NOT that of having a hangover at 21… At 21 I could wake up still drunk and go to work, and I was just fine. But at 31 if I drink on a Friday and get a hangover, on Sunday I am still recuperating! Its a vicious vicious cycle,  like why must our bodies betray us like this? I am doing my best to take care of it, I go to the gym.. sometimes.. I eat good.. sometimes… I sleep.. kind of enough.. Hahaha.. Ok I guess I could treat it better and maybe it wouldn’t betray me when it came time to nursing a hangover…

I promise Im not a drunk, haha, it was a rough weekend. No excuse I know! I know! Sheesh, you know there used to be a time in my life where I felt that I had to explain myself, and WHY I was doing something, or talking to someone. That time has come and passed, the truth is life is too short. I mean WAYYY to short, to be anything but utterly and completely happy, and if you are not completely and ridiculously happy than why are you living life that way? Change it! I promise its worth it! You arent happy at your job, find something that makes you deliriously happy, You dont like your hair, change it, a relationship is no longer making you happy, DONT stay just because its comfortable, LEAVE! GO LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!! Man if anything with all this death around me, I want to live my life for me, I want late nights, drunken nights, nights full of laughter til I want to pee my pants, early mornings, where I have a pounding headache while drinking my coffee, but giggling remembering what I did last night. I dont want to plan my life anymore, I want to live by the seat of my pants. Life is too short. BE HAPPY!!!! Seriously, if its something that is important to you fight for it, if its not, LET IT GO! Figure out what is worth your energy and what is not, Im not saying throw everything away and go be homeless, Im just saying go be HAPPY!!! I can tell you that I am finding my way back to myself, and I love it! I sit and sing at work, and dance down the hallways, I speak of random shit that dont make sense. Oh wait I actually finished a book, hahaha The Alchemist By Paulo … Wait ill get back to you on that last name! But it was good, talked about peoples Personal Legend, and God, and how he is the Soul of the World, and learning the language of the world. Once you want something the Universe conspires to make it happen, knowing that would you do things differently? Would you start living differently?

We as a people tend to wait until its too late, you tell a family member you are sorry, or you forgive them too late. Or not at all, you hold a grudge against a friend, when it was really just a simple misunderstanding, and if you would have talked it thru, it could have been solved. You hold a grudge so long that you dont even remember why you were holding it in the first place. You walk thru life with your anger, because heyyyy… I might not have friends or people who are around me but its safe that way and I have my self righteous anger to keep me warm at night!!! Sureeee tell me how well that works out for you! The moral of all of this is, you need to be at peace with yourself and the people around you. If you can honestly sit back and say you are happy with your anger, than man.. More power to ya! Do you! But if you arent, then I need you to dig deep and figure it out, because happiness starts with you, and if you are full of anger and hate and grudges it isnt gonna get you very far believe me, I tried it once, worst 6 months of my life! Once I let go and let God, life became better. Dont believe me, try it! Give up ONE thing that you were holding onto and watch how you feel and the Universe starts conspiring to give you more of a good thing.

I know its horrible to think too much of a good thing CANT be good! But believe me, it is! Try it out!

Peace, love, in the middle east with some hair grease or some ish like that!! From the bed of a wandering gypsy soul! ❤


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