Another Mash-Up 😬 February 3rd/4th 

Man. I CANNOT make this a habit of missing Friday’s. Last Friday I was in complete bliss, spending the weekend not worrying about a thing. In a bubble. And this weekend. Welllllllll the truth. We watched Grey’s Anatomy. And I drank a glass of wine and I was asleep before 10!!! I know. Horrible!!! 

Today we laid my friends grandmother to rest and it was sad, I held it together until I saw Papa crying… It was so heart wrenching, it broke my heart watching him and all the family mourn. But it was beautiful to listen to everyone speak of her life and celebrate her life. I only had the pleasure of being around her about 5 times and I can tell you she was a firecracker. Her laughter was contagious. And her constant smile was amazing, towards the end unfortunately the Alzheimer’s made her not recognize anyone. She still smiled and laughed. I wish that I had known her the way some of the people had that had spoke about her. She sounded amazing she sounded like the life of the party, some one you just wanted to get to know. She seemed like you WANTED to know her…. We talked about funerals on the way home and it’s sad that it takes death to get people there. And to put people in the mood to speak of what they would like. And it also takes death to make you realize how much you value someone. Think about that don’t let death be the only reason some one knows why or how much you care about them. 

Think about that. Its not just older ones dying anymore. Its everyone, pay attention. Cherish the people who are special to you. Let them know. And live life to the fullest. 


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