February 2nd, 2017

Have you ever met someone And they just had an aura about them you weren’t sure what it was or anything. You just knew that theirs was an aura that was beautiful? A true and genuine beautiful soul? I have met only a few of those people, they are the people who are genuinely kind without a reason, they don’t have a motive or a hidden agenda to being nice. They are just genuine!  They are compassionate, caring, kind they try to continously see the good in people no matter what. 

I have had the divine pleasure of working with all 3 of those people, two of them reside in Las Vegas and one resides here in Medford. I first met Amber and Alexis working at Exotics Racing, from the beginning I was “in love” the color of their aura that radiated from them was unbelievable. Alexis is this beautiful blonde haired blue eyed beauty who’s smile lit up the room and her laugh was contagious. While not every moment was sunshine and rainbows, she was extremely optimistic. She has a heart of gold, it shines thru especially in the people she loved. She was easy going and I used to look forward to doing her hair every day. Or at least every other day. And then you have Amber…. Amber is by far one of the sweetest souls I have ever had the pleasure of calling my friend. She was so sensitive and funny and sweet. And just the right mixture of it, her hugs made the day better and she was always there with a listening ear. Her laugh also was contagious. And she was also so uplifting. I was blessed to have met those two. And even more blessed to call them my friends. I don’t know if they really know how beautiful they truly are inside and out. But I only hope one day they can see themselves thru the eyes that so many other people see them thru. 

I think it must be in the name Amber, because that is the name of the other one. I work with her here in Medford, she is a combination of quirky, compassionate, and genuine. She radiates warmth and understanding. She is just one of those people that you want to get to know. She is that beautiful. People like that make you want to be a better person, they make you think twice about how you treat others. The thoughts you have and your overall behavior. They are genuine, and kind and they don’t try to see the best in people. They just DO! I have another one I just remembered. And her name is Vicki. She is a beautiful soul as well.  

Cherish the beautiful souls you know. And if you don’t know any, then your goal should be to be one. 

✌💚 to the beautiful souls. May you know one. May you be one. 


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