February 1st, 2017

Well we made it… Right? On a downward spiral to Christmas now! 🎅🎄🎁 I mean I guess Halloween is first 🎃👻 ugghhh… Well is it any better?! Have you made better choices?!?! Is the weight gone? Have you accomplished your goal? Did you make a goal? Are you happier?! So here’s my answers. Ehhh… Its getting better. I’d like to think my choices are exponentially better than before, but hey who am I! I mean 8lbs is gone and 4 inches… So it’s something… I have NOT accomplished a goal but I work daily at, at least one of them. I did make a goal… And happier.. Well depends on which area you’re asking about… 

Anyways moving on, as I sit here and sing Major Lazers “Powerful” and try not to sing too loud as I don’t want to wake everyone… I can’t help but think how life is every changing. Do you remember the first dream you ever had of what you wanted to be when you grow up?! I mean I wanted to be a princess Barbie. And then a firewoman. And then I wanted to be a history teaching,dj, who traveled the world playing piano. Then it was a lawyer. Then it was an RN and now… Now it’s just to be happy. And not work for someone else for the rest my life. I’m sure it’ll change a few more times before I “grow up” but seriously. I just want to be ecstatically happy. Blissful and worry free. That’s it.. Bob Marley said “some people feel the rain. Others just get wet” I am definitely one of the people who feel the rain. I see the beauty in it. I love the smell. The way the rain smells different everywhere I’ve been. No matter how irritating too much rain is. Its beautiful. You sit and listen to it hitting the roof of ground or something and listen to the rhythm it makes and let it’s melodious tempo take you else where. For others is a nuisance. Which are you?! ⚡💧 

Music and rain do the same thing for me. It takes me to a different place. Listening I can escape reality for a bit. And just be in my own world in my head. Get carried away to some far off place and imagine the possibilities of life from there. It’s those with imagination, the “weird” ones the “randoms” who tend to appreciate the simpler things in life. They get it, I get it. I will be in the middle of a conversation and stop to mention something that caught my attention. It’s the simplistic beauty in the small things that matter most. Take flowers for example. Some look at them and see just a plant that takes time out of your schedule to care for. Others see the beauty in doing the work and calling it yours. To be able to stop and smell the flowers is a leisure far too many take for granted. 

Are you living or just existing?! Are you merely doing what is thought to be right and proper of you until you no longer live. And you only exist? Or are you truly living, grasping and holding onto the moment as you never know if it is coming back or when. Or do you follow the book. Plan. Rearrange. And exist. I say throw the rule book out the window. And put your hair down. Live in the moment. Take the road trip to a different place youve never been. Wear that red lipstick. Dye your hair WHATEVER color you want dammit. LIVE YOUR LIFE!!! STOP JUST EXISTING!!! 

I leave you with one thought. Challenge yourself. Do something DIFFERENT.. Do something you would NEVER do. and tell me how it felt to throw the rules out the window And say fuck YOU!! Be you. Be happy. Be original. Be bold. Be fearless.  But above all be you!!! 

✌✌ night y’all 


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