January Mash Up!!! 27th/28th 

Sooooo…. I broke my promise and I’m SORRRYYYY!!!! I didn’t write yesterday and believe me. I feel it, but after working and then driving to Portland I was super sleepy!!! Soooooo…. Here it is Saturday the 28th I am laying in a hotel bed in pure bliss!!!! 😍😍

Yesterday as previously stated was a long day, I felt like a kid waiting for Santa ok Christmas morning, waiting for work to be done!! I couldn’t wait, I was on my way to Portland annnnnnd possibility… I can’t divulge too much cuz you know what they say too much of a good thing makes it sour or some shit like that… Lmfao. People shouldn’t let me recite conotations!! 

How many of you can sleep with noise?? Cuz I sure an the hell cant!!! But for some reason there are those that need noise to sleep. Just gimme the sound of my fan and I’m good to go!! TV’s and radios should be banned from the bedroom!!! Well during sleep hours that is. I only ask cuz last night  I had to fall asleep with music in my ear. Lol it was stupid lol I woke up singing to a song that was on. Its insane!!

Have you ever met someone.. And just clicked?! Like you felt like some how. Somewhere you have just known them you’re whole life? And everything you do afterwards you’re like WOW!! I love that top did we just become best friends?? 😂😂😂 Lmfao. Yes that happened and YES that was said at the time as well.  It’s crazy how that happens tho… You’re heart is racing and you feel nervous. And then the sight of that person just instantly calms you! You don’t know what it is about them or anything like that But you’re no longer stressing… Crazy huh? 

Today was spent driving around Portland everywhere. Seeing the good. The bad. The ugly. And MANNN I feel like I was gonna fall in potholes all over the roads. Seriously these roads are freaking horrible. But alas. My trip ends tomorrow. And I head home. It will be super bittersweet… :/ but alas. 26 days and things won’t be bitter. They’ll just be sweet. 

Ok folks. I don’t have much else to say. I’m happy. I’m healthy. I’m giggly. And butterflies are a flyin!! Hahaha 

Nighty night! 


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