January 26th, 2017

You know, its funny looking back on who or what you used to be.

Whether its your hair, job, body type, personality, or attitude that changes. We as a people are ever changing. Crazy right? Not really, the problem is that people often have an image in their heads  of how things are supposed to pan out or go period and when it doesn’t than automatically someone changed for the worse.

How many of you can say that you knew for sure what your calling was before age 30? IF you did than shout out to you, and good shit. But for those of us, who didnt (which I believe is the vast majority) once you find out what it is that is your calling you generally go running full speed ahead in the direction of your dream. Funny how that works out huh? You are either ridiculously motivated to achieve your goal, or you are particularly lazy and expect the world to be handed to you on a silver platter. Those are the people who complain and say “oh woee is me” but have never really had to ever work for anything in their lives. And the pain they have endured is self inflicted, but they cant admit it because they play the victim so well. It must be nice, to feel as though the world owes you something and to destroy everyone in your path of what you feel is “entitled” to you. Lemme know how well that works out when all you have left is you and the bushes.

I think I could write every day about how I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND people. Like I strongly believe if we all threw our problems in a pile and saw other peoples we would gladly grab ours back because we couldnt handle what others go thru, and I think that is just the just of it. Have you ever noticed also that the people who have an opinion about your life, are the ones who couldnt handle the things you’ve gone thru? They would crumble under the weight of the things that go on in your mind. Or that you have experienced or been thru. Those people are my favorites, they find out something about you, and run with it, thinking they have found out some big secret they begin to use it against you to try and turn people. Whooo please feel so proud of yourself for that! For example, my ex knew things about my step-mom and when his babys mom went thru and read everything, she decided she would try and use it against me and tell me I was “fucked in the head” and “deserved every bad thing that ever happened to me” . I let her have it because number one how am I any better than her if I just point out all the things wrong with her? And tell her exactly how she is wrong, and why and point out her flaws that make her a few screws loose. The point is, if someone finds anything out about you, and has malicious intent they will bend, and manipulate the info to make it work for THEM. Instead of the other way around. Then after they have insulted, and bent the info so much, they play the victim like well I wouldnt have had to say this IF…. always back to that damn justification. Funny how that works huh?

Folks I cant say it enough, be a decent, good human being. I mean like seriously, how hard is it? Because every action, thought and energy becomes real, So what you put out into the world is what you will get back. What do you want back? Do you want pain and misery and torture? Because thats what you decided was a good idea to do to someone? You will get nothing but lies if that is all you put out in the world, constantly criticizing someone, prepare to be criticized yourself. Truth is: You get what you give. And while it might take it a year. Or two, or even 8 karma ALWAYS comes back around to haunt you. Believe me…. I know, from personal experience I know. When my sons father and I split, I put him and his wife now but at the time girlfriend thru so much hell, I was vile, and rude, and disrespectful, and put things on social media, and tried to belittle this woman. At the time it felt right, i mean hell I had spent 7 years with a man, and after a month he was moved on, who does that right? Well I felt it was justifiable, so I did what I needed to in my head to make myself feel better. Welll 7 years later that shit came back to me, my ex’s, babys mom did the SAME EXACT SHIT TO ME!!!!! That was MY karma…. after a while though, she was just vile, and that is HER karma…. I paid for mine, but please believe it ALWAYS comes back.

Karma doesnt forget, and there is no expiration date, so just remember that when you put vibes out into the world that you know you prolly shouldnt. Ima pose this one last questions before I go to bed. As tomorrow is my  PORTLAND TRIP!!!!! EEEEEEEE i CANT WAIT!!!! Anyways…

If the words you spoke or thought appeared on your skin like a tattoo….. would you still be beautiful?

Think about that. Peace love and hair grease in the middle east! haha ❤


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