January 23rd, 2017

I used to hate the phrase “Its just a case of the Mondays” But now that I’m an “adult” I totally get this statement, and I HATE it!!! Man it is so crucial, from the fact that I couldn’t sleep last night, to the fact that it made it a super long day today at work. To the fact that I’m back to not being able to understand people or why they do the things they do. I know I previously stated that its not UP to me to understand people or why they are the way they are, but man o man.That is a subject that is better left off limits, because it can go all kinds of ways talking about it!

I have so many mixed emotions right now, I wake up feeling some kind of way. And I don’t quite know how to pin point what exactly it is that is causing me to have these emotions or feelings. I wish I did. Really and truly, but I don’t know and its making things way harder than they need to be. In all reality, I don’t know . Emotions are a bitch, you care too much you are too sensitive, you don’t care enough, you’re a bitch. Funny how that works isn’t it.

Anywho, so here it is 8pm and I’m swearing to myself that I am going to bed early tonight. hahaha. Guess we’ll see once I am done with my blog and taking care of a sick kid. He was fine earlier at school just complaining of a sore throat, and no fever when he came home from school but now I have a sick baby, (no he isnt a baby but kiss my ass) so guess who gets to stay home from school tomorrow? Yep thats right! Him!!! And I wish I could stay home and play hookie with him! As a mom you hate when your kids are sick, even if it is just a sore throat, or the flu. You hate it anyways, you want to make them better by any means. Sigh… I hate when my little is sick. He doesnt want to eat, and when he doesnt want to eat thats when I KNOW he is sick. My poor bugaboo.

Anyways, as I sit here and watch Bee Movie, while my bug lays next to me, I cant help but think of how blessed I am. If anyone in the world tried to convince my son that his mom didnt love him, they would be met with an eye roll and he would tell them off. I might not get my son the newest Jordans, and his clothes arent all name brand, but he is loved. and he knows it. I think if you teach your kid one thing in the world it should be how to love. Show them love, unconditional love, tell them daily,  hourly, even every minute if you want, but tell them how much they are loved. How special they are, and how they are a gift from God. I have this thing with Mikai, I ask him: Who loves you more than anything in this whole wide world? he says YOU. I said who would do anything to protect you and make sure you are safe? he says YOU. I say who is my best friend: He says ME. I say who do you love more than anything in the whole wide world: he says YOU. I said who is your best friend: he says you. Thats my baby. I swear, and people frown and look down, because he hugs me and tells me he loves me 20 times a day, and he still kisses me on the lips, but the fact of the matter is.. HE ISNT YOUR KID!!! So do what you do with yours and leave me and mines alone. I think that along with politics and religion is such a sensitive subject that you shouldnt discuss or try to tell other people how to parent. Because who are you to tell someone that their way is wrong? Or that they show their kid with too much affection? Or any of the above? WHO ARE YOU? That is also the problem is todays society is everyone is worried about what someone else is doing instead of worrying about themselves. and their own. Again another touchy subject that will bring up a lot of feelings and EMOTIONS. Those fuckers again….

But anywho.. Sick kid, and being beyond tired myself. Its bedtime!! Soooo good night.

From the couch where Im covered in a sick kids and 3 animals. Good night! ❤


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