January 22nd, 2017

So this morning, I didnt want to get out of bed, I just laid there, and I opened the curtain and let the sun come thru. And then I just laid there, I wanted to lay there longer, but I guess beggers cant be choosers. I swear lemme just go into depth real quick about how much I love just laying in the sun. Seriously its amazing. I laid there and just soaked it all in, and closed my eyes and imagined I was on the beach doing nothing! hahha just laying there. Sadly I was just in my bed, laying in the sun.

So I wake up and I decide that snail mail is the way to go, and I had gotten cards for some of my favorites in the whole entire world. Soooo I decided to do that. And listen to music, I find something comforting in snail mail, old things. Things that tend to be long forgotten, stuff like that, the SIMPLE things in life. I mean lets face it, how many times did you sit and run to the mail box every day trying to find your letter from your friend? Cuz I know when I moved from Iowa to Kentucky I used to love getting letters from my friends. I would wait for them, and then I would get even more addresses, and then I would send letters to them, and then wait again. It was like a never ending waiting game, I would get stationary, and then stamps and pretty pens, and write all fancy and what not. I mean it was pretty serious. I love real letters, unfortunately in todays world if you give your address out you have to worry about whether or not someone was going to stalk you or come in and kill your whole family. Its hard out here these days for a pimp!! hahahaha

Sooooo of course its almost 11pm and Im starving like a hostage in Somalia, its freaking insane!! Why or Why am I soooo hungry this late at night??? Every night!!! Its becoming quite the problem, I mean really it is. Why for am I so hungry? It just doesnt make sense. haha… I mean if anyone wants to analyze this I wont be opposed, especially if its show and tell, like can we have food present while we’re analyzing why Im so hungry?

I honestly dont know what to say right now…. Im so tired. Like I had every intention of going to bed early, but it didnt happen. The gym is tiring me out, not that I dont love that it does that! But man o man, my legs are sore, my arms are sore. Im just over it. Im sleepy. and Im sore!!! Soooooo here I am! Im going to bed. And tomorrow is going to be better. Sorry folks, I wish I was more witty or knowledgable, or just more, but tonight Im just not it!!!

Good night.



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