January 21st, 2017

So here we are, 21 days into this marvelous year…. annnnd nope still dont have abs of steel. Im starting to think this whole thing is duped! Hahaha…. Orrrrrrrrrrr I just havent ate right and did enough work yet. Soooo we’ll give it another 4 weeks and see where we are! So far I have lost 8lbs, nooow while Im sure that is just water and I can gain that back if I decided to eat fast food!! But for now we’ll just roll with the punches, and Im 8lbs down. I havent eaten fast food, junk food or candy in over a week. Annnd Im pretty sure that any death that is a direct result of any of the following would be excused in a court of law. Im sorry Your honor, I was hangry. And he’ll look down at me, kindly bang his gavel and say… You are free to go Ms. Fries, I understand your pain. hahahahahahaha…. If only right? I should write plays or books with that imagination!!!

I cant lie tho, as I sit here and type this up, all I really want to do is go to sleep. Went super duper hard in the gym today and I am definitely fatigued, but its ok! Its the best workout Ive had in a really long time, and I enjoyed it. I mean sort of. Well ok, yes yes I actually enjoyed it. Up until the push ups and the walking plank hand slappy thingys. Yes that is the official word for it. Google IT!!!! My friend who had the surgery, I mentioned her before, well she is not up and walking, as slow as a turtle stuck in peanut butter, but eff you if you have something to say! SHE IS WALKING!!!! Yayyy!!! But anywho, thats my workout buddy, I both love and hate her while we work out together. Sometimes the things she tells me to do Im pretty sure she thinks Im 125lb and have super human strength, or endurance out the ying yang. But you know what, its OK!!! I do it, maybe looking like a roly poly while doing some moves but its cool. Id like to see you try em and tell me if you look any better doing it! Go on, send pics of you doing them also! So we can compare!

Moving on, Vampire Diaries…. swooon.. let me just tell you, I really hate that I have to wait 1 week for a new episode to come out, every week its like torture. What fresh hell is this that we live in that they cant just give it to me all at once? HOW RUDE!!!! Oh yes google play, I am talking to you! You are a nazi wench just like the GPS and google speak in my car! I bet y’all are sisters! Asshole.

Does anyone read? And I dont mean like the labels on boxes to see how many is a serving size and then doubling that cuz your inner fatty said it was ok…. Waaaiiitt that is like a thing right? Hmmm…. well then we wont go into detail on that! Currently I am reading the new Harry Potter.. Yes I am addicted, yes its a problem, no I dont want help, no I dont care what your opinion is. Yes I am an adult. Yes you can kiss my ass. Ok now that we have all of that covered. Oh and also I am reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I got about half way thru the first time and then put it down for awhile, so now I am restarting it over and it is amazing the things you catch onto this time around that you missed the first time around. One of my favorite parts in this so far is an excerpt that I read that goes as follows: “Its a force that appears to be negative, but actually shows you how to realize your Personal Legend. It prepares your spirit and your will, because there is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, its because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth” Lets look at that for a minute. How many of us know exactly what we were put on this earth to do? How many of us, can say we love our job, because we know deep down it has always been our calling. One thing I do believe in is “fate” or the universe setting things up for you. I do believe that if you come across paths with someone it was because the universe wanted you to meet them, now whether the universe expects them to stay is another story. But I am a firm believe of that. When you want something, and I mean really want something, something so bad it awakens a force inside of you, that is the desire of the universe. It seems so much clearer now, but how many of us can say that what we are doing is what we were called to do? Do you have desires? Do you yearn to do something else? Is your soul content with the life you are living now? Cuz I can honestly answer that and say NO. Mine is not, I know I have desires, and wants and yearnings. But to sit back and think that it actually isnt what I want personally it is what the universe wants for me, is insane. Some may read this and think Im crazy and others may read this and say man. I feel it too. Either way it’ll get them gears’a’grindin up in your dome piece!

Anywho… if you havent read this book I strongly suggest you do that! So I think I have fulfilled my obligatory word count and my eyes now hurt from how dry they are. So it is officially past official bed time! hahaha Yes I just said that, and you can say it five times fast if you would like! Also if you do, please take a video of that and send it to me, because that would definitely be a site to see!!!

Positive Vibes all of you gypsy souls! ❤


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