January 19th, 2017

All day today in the second clinic I was in, they kept calling today. “Friday Jr” and “Friday Eve” and Im like nooo lets call it what it is… Mothaeffin THURSDAY!!! Today felt like a Monday for sure in the standards of how slow work was and the events that occurred. Lets start from Midnight….

Sooooo Im sleeping before 10:30pm, and I slept sooo crappy and I was mad because I went to bed early and everything, my son, while yes he is 11, asked if he could sleep with me, first of all this is a horrible idea because the boy is a freaking space heater. But after thinking of all the times I miss his little self spending time and cuddling with me while he plays the damn xbox, I said fine. First mistake… take notes there will be a quiz…. Then my niece lets the dog in the room, and leaves the door open, so once I finally got comfortable again, I am abruptly woken up by a kitten attacking my freaking toes.. Soo I pick up both kittens and throw them out the door and close it. Second thing… Thennnnn… not even 15 minutes later AFTER I got comfy the dog went to the door and tried to get out. So I had to wake up again. Third thing.. Then I woke up to him barking not even 20 minutes after that. Then I had knees in my back, feet in my face, and ZERO space in my bed at all.. Needless to say I didnt sleep and it irritated me. So I laid in bed attempting to get out of my funk before I woke up.I mean I laid there forever, then I got my “Good Morning Babe” text message, and *he* talked me down. Off a cliff if you will 🙂 So after *he* made fun of the bags under my eyes, I got up and made coffee, figured I might as well get my day started. So I did, I pour my bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats and then I put it on the table, go to get my coffee, come back and here is the kittens BOTH of them drinking my damn milk from the bowl. Like really?????? Ugggghhh…. nothing is sacred anymore. Not food. Drink. Clothes. NOTHING!!!!! I was going to murder them. So I take my bowl back. Eat my damn cereal, and drink my coffee, and look down to see my phone ringing.. and I answer and on the other end I hear “babe, babe, baby, babe… guess what, guess what??? Im going home AND im getting paid for it” lol Its the simple things in life…. Have I mentioned how I cant wait to go to Portland? 8 more days.!!!

I went to the gym today, and was squatting, you know squat until you walk funny… Welllll I definitely had that down pact as I did 100 squats, including a “semi-lunge” squat. but lemme tell you, those steps were definitely NOT my friend afterwards. I had to wobble down the steps and almost fell off that last one. hahahahahahahaha….. I cant lie tho, it was amaze balls. I felt amazing afterwards, I went with my friend Aimee, we were giggling so hard as I sang to her while I was squatting and it probably wasnt the best position to sing to her from but it happened none the less.

Does anyone else ever tire of folding laundry? Like I mean I will be the first to admit, that I will leave my clean laundry on the side of my bed untouched for as long as I possibly can. It is that CRUCIAL. I mean seriously. I have had a basket of clean clothes since last weekend just sitting there doing nothing!!! hahaha Oh well. At least Ill never have to wonder where my clothes are! lol I say this as I look at my pile of clothing on the living room couch and I dont want to carry them upstairs to put them away. You know being  a lazy soul. lol

After tonight I might actually believe that there are knights on horses that swoop in with their swords drawn to save you. Or at least to try too, it is comforting to know that there are still people like this in the world, I mean seriously! You know I said I was going to bed early tonight, but alas… here it is Midnight, and I am still like oh wait.. I could write about something more. but I am also typing with my eyes closed. I am chasing sleep folks and I apologize that it is not as juicy as it once was. Gimme a min and Ill get my groove back!!! Or lemme get some good sleeP!!!

Until the next time and for those of you still with me!

Good night! ❤  p.s. Portland in 8 days!!!!!


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