January 17th, 2017

Wellllll, not to sound like a broken record or nuffin, but I swear Ill never get how people think or operate. When did communication become so broken, when did words become a dying art? Instead it has become easier to just succumb to your “self-righteous” anger and justifications of why you DONT have to communicate. There it is again, that word “justify” which is what sooo many people do when they are trying to convince themselves and anyone who will listen why it was ok for what they did. Pride is a bitch I tell you, most people would rather keep their pride in tact, rather than take the steps to fix a relationship, friendship, or family-ship. (Yes I know that isnt a real word, cool your jets turbo) My point is, that instead of realizing that there may be more sides, or that you are not always right nor is your way the only way, your pride, self-righteous anger, and justifications, keep you right where you are: stuck.

Today was better than yesterday, its just long, I am trying to figure out how to effectively manage an 11 yr old, work, working out, a blog and still keep my sanity. While I realize my 11 year old would probably be anywhere than in the living room cuddled up next to me, where I make him be. I dont care. I make him anyways. Every night I start off with the best of intentions to go to bed within a reasonable hour, but that never tends to happen. I am usually cramming to fit all of my thoughts into a 30 minute slot because if I go to bed RIGHT NOW I can get 6 hours and 58 minutes of sleep. Although tonight I will have NO trouble going to sleep. I went to a class at the gym tonight with one of my friends and man o man, that was after lifting weights, But dont get me wrong, I rather enjoyed myself. It was a Zumba class, and the songs were good, the leader sang every song almost, and there was like 14 old ladies, so I felt like I was the best dancer ALIVE!!! Pshhh Saturday Night Live dont got NOTHING ON ME!!! hahahaha kidding. Speaking of Saturday Night Live, when I was a freshman in high school, we learned that dance in gym class! Hahahaha. It was good times, here we all are, an awkward gangly bunch of kids, doing some 70’s dance that we were sure our parents probably met too and conceived us on! hahahahaha….

Speaking of parents, my mama I swear.. She is something else, if anyone ever wants to know, I get my quick wit and sarcasm from her. As we were talking the other day, she was telling me about her new “friend” and she said he has a pony tail and a mustache, I dont know how I feel about that yet, but hey he has good taste in women! hahahaha Of course he does Mama he chose you! hahaha She asked me if I found me a good man yet, and told me I needed too because I was getting old and I needed to settle down! :/ Ummm thanks mama! She then proceeded to tell me that since my son is 11 and Im not settled down, I might as well just get my lady parts taken out!!! hahahaha Ohhhh Mom. Seriously though, she makes me laugh so hard sometimes, like any other mother/daughter relationship we argue and have disagreements and all of the above. But thru thick and thin she is there for me.

For those who read this that know me, I just want you to know how much it means that you read it, and that you say you can “hear me” it tickles me honestly! Today I couldnt help but bust out laughing while reading a text I got that went as follows:

“As I sit here and I read about fixing your crown and saving yourself. Digging deep within and pushing yourself harder to do and be better. Here comes the line about being hungrier than a hostage in Somalia. Lord have mercy lmfao. I literally laughed out loud” Which in turn made me bust out laughing, because CLEARLY it was CRUCIAL. I dont think people get it, hungry is an emotion, stop telling me its not, I feel that shit deep in my soul!!! I feel my hunger where I am feeling this fatigue and exhaustion right about now. So with that, Ill leave you with your WTF of the day, and head to bed!

WTF #3: Scientists have discovered an on/off switch for thirst. When CAMK11 neurons are activated in mice, the mice seek water whether they’re thirsty or not. If the corresponding VGAT neurons are turned on, they’ll stop drinking even if they’re dehydrated and actually dying of thirst.

Til the next day…. ❤


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