January 16th, 2017

Sorry folks, I wish I could be a little more catchy with my titles, but in order for me to be held accountable, this is the way its gotta be done. But if today had a title it would go a little something like so : the day that I was pretty sure I was going to drink myself into a coma, because if I even breathe wrong right now, somebody has something to say about everything, so I stick to myself and people still have something to say Monday. I mean IF I had to put a name to it, buuut since its just the 16th, Ill stick with that!!

So here we are, Its Monday, what a glorious day for some, but as for right now… my eye is twitching, my leg muscle is twitching, and my head is vibrating and sounds as if water is whoosing thru at every pound. Ive never been quite sure “how” people operate. Not that I need to understand the inner workings of peoples minds, but I would like to understand why some people think the way they do. As in their mannerisms, why it makes people so excited or happy to belittle or control other people. Some people are sad funny creatures, that I will never fully understand, and honestly I believe that if I were to try and understand fully I might go crazy!!!!

To be completely and utterly blunt, today was a bad day. I wish I could say there was some positive antidote or some suzy sunshine that came around and made it better but the honest truth is, NO it was a bad day. And you are allowed to have those, what you are not allowed to do is rest and take a break there and live there. That is NOT allowed. So here I am claiming and throwing into the world that tomorrow will in fact be a better day. funny thing about proclaiming something, you have to believe it whole heartedly. I just need to get out of my head and I will be ok! So here is to tomorrow being better.

I am going to bed. Not as early as I hoped, but watching my Louise, talk about this book she is reading and how excited she gets when she does took precedence over sleep at the time. She gets so animated when she talks about things that excite her, and her face changed, and it lights up, and in all reality its cute to escape reality for a few minutes and watch her get excited!

So longs talks with her, and nothing really to say. Means its bed time and we’ll try again tomorrow.

goodnight. make tomorrow yours and claim it.

WTF (weird true fact #2) : Scientists  are capable of mind control. In an experiment reminiscent of the memory of manipulation performed in the film The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, scientists stimulated the brains of sleeping mice to evoke positive associations for a particular location. When the mice awoke, they made a beeline for this happy place.


HA!!!!! How fitting!! Guess thats what I need to do!



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