January 15th, 2017

What can I say.. today was a good day!

Woke up, went to church, heard the good word, and man it was a good word, it hit the just right the places. Just like the good word should!!! My buddy and I needed that, to be honest. Within the first few minutes of church, it talked about relationships, and how people are so quick to throw things away. Relationships, friendships, anything, as soon as people cant or dont reciprocate what you give to them you throw them away like they are nothing. And that is just sad, and how valuable relationships are and how you should work on them. It was funny because we had just had a talk about relationships, and everything like that. Its just funny how things work themselves out like that. Have you ever noticed how that generally happens? When the universe is trying to tell you something it will send you signs and signals, and its up to you to decipher them. Or if you even pay attention to them. Say for example a relationship, if you continuously get hurt in a relationship, after the first time it is your fault, because the Universe and God are trying to tell you something. That, that particular person is NOT for you, so you need to stop!!! STOP trying to kick back open a door that was meant to be closed, stop trying to let this person back in when you have gotten nothing but hurt and thats all you continuously get. Believe me I get it, its wayyyyyy easier said than done. But what do you do when the universe has shown you more than once that this person is not for you! I think its funny how things like that happen.

You experience a situation with your friend or relative or spouse and then you read about the same situation, or a quote pops up, or someone you love to watch live discusses it in a podcast that you tuned into. It subconsciously gets into your mind and causes you to think about the situation at hand, and also makes you just question things you wouldht have questioned before. Like is this right? Is this for me? Why am I doing this? I would say why are we here, but the truth is no one but God knows why each of us are here. Its so much easier to pretend like we all know our purpose, and to say that we are living it out to the fullest each day, but the truth is, you dont know. You were given free will and with that comes responsibility and obligation that none of us follow thru with. We act as though because we havent been punished yet, by any means, whether it be losing a job, a car, a life, a friend, a relationship, that it means they are doing good. I believe that is just something we all say to ourselves to make us feel better. To make us feel as though we have it all together, to “justify” our actions. In certain situations. Isnt that the kicker? Most of the actions that we do we try to justify as to why we do them. The way we react to people and things and situations. In our mind it was ALL justified! We had EVERY right to do that. But in all reality that is so far from the truth. You dont get to justify down talking someone because they arent living up to what YOU feel is their full potential. Just as you dont get to justify talking to someone who is talking to you and they say something you dont like. I think that is the hardest part as human adults, to remember that it is NOT our place to judge nor speak on the lives of other people. Believe me I have the same problem, straight out of church today, and someone couldnt park worth a damn and what was my first instinct? To start talking about them and their lack of a parking job. Horrible right? Like seriously I should have been ashamed, but in my mind it was justified, like if he hadnt parked so crappy I wouldnt have had to think about how bad of a driver he is. You see even now, hours later, I am still judging the man and his parking job.

Like I said before I dont want anyone to think I am on a high horse, because all subjects I speak about I have either been guilty of myself at one point, or are something I struggle with. So to those who over analyze I dont want to seem fake or on a high horse, believe me I have my fair share of flaws. I am just choosing to work on mine and apparently put them on public forums for everyone to read and see. My last blog hurt peoples feelings, which to me was a bit unorthodox. I was speaking on how I had gained weight back and basically my broken heart but somehow it got turned into how I didnt think how my words could effect or hurt someone else. The thing is you see, most people, not all but most, when speaking dont think of the effect their words will have on someone. They are just in such a hurry to make a point and make sure you see it their way. So it comes out and its only after they have had time to analyze what was said that they begin to feel bad. The problem is, just like a stone, the word is something you cannot take back once it is said. Therefore when I write these they are with well thought out words and expressions and with intent. Therefore none of it is just said with malice or malicious intent.  I guess some people are just so used to the quite passive Katie that when I speak up there is a problem, but then there is a problem when I dont speak up. Its a double edged sword, its like Katie stick up for yourself and to everyone else BUT ME. You cant give me a push to the edge and then get mad when I grow wings and fly. Some people I will never understand, nor will I understand how people purposely cut with their words. I told you before my plan for this year is to think about my words before they come out of my mouth, because I know all too well that words hurt. And they stay with you for a long time.

Whether someone felt they were justified or if I did in fact do some act against someone to deserve them, it is still just the way life is. What is the phrase? If you cant find a nice person than be a nice person. I mean seriously, you can work on yourself, meditate, do everything to fix you, but if you have an ugly heart or you speak ugly words or think ugly thoughts, you are in fact ugly.

Be kind to all, even if you feel they dont deserve it!! Believe me Im still working on that one!!!

Before I go, I bought this book in Barnes and Nobles today, and it was called  201 WTF (weird true facts)Science addition.I find it to be so fascinating that I plan on sharing one a day with you until I have no more!!!!

1st WTF: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The chicken. The protein necessary to produce eggshells originates in the ovaries of the hen. ——– In 2015 scientists successfully unboiled eggs returning solid whites to their liquid state.

Peace Out!!!!


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